School to bring in staff restructure for new term

Clacton Coastal Academy will now be closed until after half term Picture: GOOGLEMAPS

Clacton Coastal Academy will bring in a new staffing structure for the spring term in January - Credit: Archant

A staff restructure is to be brought in at a large coastal school to "ensure students get the very best support" - but a community leader says he is "very worried" about its potential impact.

Clacton Coastal Academy has recently concluded a consultation on the restructure understood to affect teaching assistants, which will see changes to current roles but some additional roles created.

A spokesman said: "The changes we are putting in place are designed to ensure our students get the very best support they need in the right areas.

"The new changes will come into effect at the start of the new term in January.”

But Andy Wood, Essex county councillor for Clacton North, said he was "very worried" about the changes, which it is understood will lead to a reduction in staffing numbers overall.

"This school is located in an extremely deprived area of Essex, if not the country," Mr Wood said.

"In my view, the school needs more staff to help these pupils, not less, so that they have as much chance in life as those in less deprived areas.

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"I believe that the education of these young people is of the highest priority and whilst there may be issues relating to funding, these young people’s education and futures should take precedence."