Primary school invests in standing desks after trial

Rendlesham Primary School has trialled the standing desks since the summer term. 

Rendlesham Primary School has trialled the standing desks since the summer term. - Credit: Rendlesham Primary School

Primary school pupils are finding new ways to engage with learning after a Suffolk school invested in standing desks. 

Rendlesham Primary School brought in 12 specially designed desks as part of a pilot scheme during the summer term.

Debbie Thomas, academy head, said the desks allow the children to think about how they learn best as they can choose during their subjects to work standing up, take the desk elsewhere in the room, or sit.

More than 500 primary school pupils across the UK are using the desks created by I Want A Standing Desk.

Following the trial, the school purchased a further 15 desks for the school, which are used across key stages one and two. 

Mrs Thomas said: "Nobody ever thought about desks, the fact you have children sitting for hours on end and listening. Of course they do work and they do talk but it's not comfortable.

"We know that for younger children especially, the more active we can make their learning, the more engaged they will be.

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"It is also really important that we encourage young people to be as healthy and active as possible, which is why we were interested in trialling the desks. 

"The desks support our school ethos where character development is at the heart of all we do. The impact for our children is already noticeable and we are excited to be a part of this trial.”

She said the trust has seen pupils feeling less uncomfortable and less likely to fidget.

Nick White, founder of I Want A Standing Desk, said more movement as a result of the desk can be beneficial to all pupils with schools reporting improvements in behaviour, concentration and engagement levels.

He said: “What we consistently hear from teachers is that concentration levels have improved, disruption has reduced and importantly, the children very much enjoy using the standing desks. Not to mention the health benefits gained from increasing their physical activity levels.

 “We are creating a generation of habitual sitters and I believe classroom standing desks can help with that."

The standing desks can be placed on top of any existing desk, are portable and only take up the space of a single child. 

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