Tendring District Council local elections 2019: Conservatives lose overall control

Counting in process in Tendring Picture: TENDRING DISTRICT COUNCIL

Counting in process in Tendring Picture: TENDRING DISTRICT COUNCIL - Credit: Archant

The Conservative Party have lost overall control of Tendring District Council in the first election since a review of the council’s boundaries.

The first box arrives for the Tendring count Picture: TENDRING DISTRICT COUNCIL

The first box arrives for the Tendring count Picture: TENDRING DISTRICT COUNCIL - Credit: Archant

Members were elected to 31 of the 32 new wards on the council which now has 48 rather than 60 councillors.

On the night the Conservatives took 16 seats, Labour won six , the Liberal Democrats two, while nine seats were won by Independents.

There were also successes for the Tendring First group who took four seats, Holland-On-Sea and Eastcliff Matters who took three and the Foundation Party who took their first seat on the council.

The vote on the St Osyth Ward was postponed following the death of Conservative candidate, Anita Bailey.

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Elections for this area will now be held on May 23.

Ian Davidson, Returning Officer for the elections and TDC Chief Executive, thanked everyone for a smooth election.

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“I would like to pay tribute to the hard-working staff who made the election process run smoothly, including those who were counting votes into the small hours,” Mr Davidson said.

“I look forward to meeting all the newly-elected and returning councillors and working with them over the next four years.”

See the full results below:

Alresford and Elmstead: Gary Gordon Ian Scott (LD) 1072, Ann Wiggins (LD) 884, Rosemary Anne Heaney (C) 589, Fred Nicholls (C) 550, Beverley Ann Maltby (G) 201, Solma Khatun Ahmed (Lab) 132, Terry Ripo (Lab) 131.

Ardleigh & Little Bromley: Neil Robin Stock (C) 335, Helen Claire Fontaine (LD) 250, Jim English (Lab) 59.

Bluehouse: Mary Catherine Newton (UKIP) 316, James Codling (UKIP) 264, Andrew Pemberton (Ind) 231, Harry Robin Thomas Bouchard (C) 199, Carolyn Mayzes (Ind) 188, James Alexander Bouchard (C) 181, Danny Mayzes (Ind) 165, Jon Salisbury (Lab) 141, Barrie Coker (LD) 72.

Brighlingsea: Jayne Beverley Chapman (Ind) 1,607, Mick Barry (Ind) 1,442, Graham David Steady (Ind) 1,106, Karen Diane Yallop (Ind) 736, Mike Beckett (LD) 693, Ben Smith (Ind) 397, Craig Timothy David Whipps (G) 350, John Anthony Carr (C) 252, Frederick William Stringer (Lab) 243, Graham Andrew Chasney, (C) 204, Graham John Ford (Lab) 200, Izzy Morath (C) 148.

Burrsville: Chris Amos (C) 529, Mick Skeels, (C) 487, Keith James Stuart Malcolm Pitkin (LD) 471, Matthew Charles Bensilum (LD) 432, Chris Southall (G) 255, Lesley Anne Hartfield (Lab) 168.

Cann Hall: John Chittock (C) 478, Gina Placey (TF) 453, Ian Arthur Whitley (C) 374, Andy Wood (LD) 272, Stuart David Morgan (LD) 186, Simon Jonathan Wigley (Lab) 163.

Coppins: Alex Porter (UKIP) 461, Peter Cawthron (UKIP) 461, Stuart James Mackintosh (C) 275, Beverley Ann Moule (C) 258, Jonathon Edward Cowan (Lab) 235, Rita Griffin (Lab) 219, Samantha Atkinson (Ind) 201, James Burns (Ind) 171, Kriss Andrew Wood, (LD) 79, Jon Manning (LD) 62.

Dovercourt All Saints: Jo Henderson (Lab) 779, Maria Fowler (Lab) 616, Andrew James Erskine (C) 506, Tanya Michelle Ferguson (C) 461, David John Dixon (LD) 163.

Dovercourt Bay: Garry William John Calver (Lab) 479, Barry Edward Brown (C) 271.

Dovercourt Tollgate: Pam Morrison (Lab) 316, Ricky Callender (C) 271.

Dovercourt Vines and Parkeston: Bill Davidson (Lab) 319, Sean Fay (C) 190.

Eastcliff: Joy Broderick (HEM) 409, David Alexander Rose (C) 352, Antony Brendon Conor Mckay (LD) 39.

Frinton: Nick Turner (C) 808, Terry Allen (TF) 726, Pamela Kay Walford (C) 699, Linda Christine Allen (TF) 624, Abdy Wilson (G) 358, Ian Johnson (Ind) 328, Nadine Jermaine Francis Edwards (Lab) 184, Sam Manning (LD) 139.

Harwich and Kingsway: Ivan John Henderson (Lab) 519, Darrell Kenneth James Howard (C) 162.

Homelands: Anne Hilary Davis (Ind) 231, Mick Page (C) 222, Fiona Denise Ann Robertson (TF) 193, Laurence John Michael (Ind) 103, Geoff Ely (Lab) 86, Paul Clutterbuck (G) 61.

Kirby Cross: Paul Clifton (TF) 312, Edward George Ashton Bell (C) 217, Christine Margaret Elizabeth Codling UKIP 165, Dave Jones (Lab) 59.

Kirby le Soken and Hamford: Fiona Knowles (TF) 506, Mark Edward Platt (C) 363.

Lawford, Manningtree and Mistley: Carlo Guglielmi (C) 806, Alan David Coley (C) 733, Val Guglielmi (C), Terry Barrett (LD) 685, Holly Turner (Lab) 629, Graham Terrence Pettit (LD) 579, Patricia Chandler (Lab) 527, Simon Godfrey Banks (LD) 494, Margaret Ann Woods (Lab) 490, Duncan Michael Gordon (G) 461.

Little Clacton: Jeff Bray (C) 404, Jordan John Silver (LD) 185.

Pier: Paul Bernard Honeywood (C) 228, Susan Pamela Morley-Souter (Lab) 93, William Anthony Edward Hones (Ind) 90, Steven Wayne Kelly (G) 48, Paul Christopher Barker (LD) 34.

St Bartholomew’s: Colin Paul Winfield (HEM) 1,171, KT King (HEM) 1,035, Mark Alan Cossens (C) 450, Samuel Harry Leonard (C) 420, Sally Jane McAteer (G) 163, Sheila Hammond (Lab) 126.

St James: Chris Griffiths (C) 837, Maurice John Alexander (C) 806, Sean Patrick Duffy (LD) 395.

St Johns: Mark Edward Stephenson (Ind) 545, Gemma Louise Stephenson (Ind) 502, John Henry Philip Hones (UKIP) 336, Anne Alexander (C) 310, Colin Ignatius Madge (UKIP) 281, Richard Hugh Everett (Con) 250, Norman Jacobs (Lab) 163, David Bolton (Lab) 148, Rosemary Ann Dodds (G) 69, Kane Anthony Silver (LD) 53.

St Pauls: Sue Honeywood (C) 265, Mike Vaughan- Chatfield (UKIP) 160, David Oxley (TF) 158, Clive Anthony Thomas Purrett (G) 80, Mary Elizabeth Pitkin (LD).

Stour Valley: Zoe Jacqueline Fairley (C) 320, Mark Robert Cole (Ind) 255, Dave McLeod (Lab) 120, Rosemary Susan Smith (LD) 96, Eleanor Mary Gordon (G) 92.

The Bentley’s and Fratng: Lynda Ann McWilliams (C) 430, Robert James Taylor(LD) 211, Alison Margaret Clarke (G) 102, Louise Lopdell Armstrong 49.

The Oakley’s and Wix: Mike Bush (Ind) 513, David Stephen Chant (C) 183, John Charles McAllister (Lab) 97.

Thorpe Beaumont and Great Holland: Daniel James Land (C) 832, Chris Keston (TF) 237.

Walton: Delyth Miles (Ind) 224, Ann Poonian (C) 200, Jack Robertson (TF) 169, Nic El-Safty (Lab) 121, Chris Bee (Ind) 76.

Weeley and Tendring: Peter James Harris (FP) 353, Mike Brown (C) 240, Jill Galloway (LD).

West Clacton and Jaywick Sands: Dan Casey (Ind) 703, Nicola Jayne Overton (UKIP) 437, Andy White (Ind), 396, Kevin Paul Watson (LC) 316, Roy Ernest Raby (LC) 268, James Edward Machin (Lab) 123, Tasha Osben (Lab) 120.

Key: C – Conservative, Lab – Labour, LD – Liberal Democrats, Ind – Independent, UKIP – UK Independence Party, G – Green Party, TF - Tendring First, HEM - Holland-On-Sea and East Cliff Matters, FP - Foundation Party, LC - Local Conservatives.

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