Electric vehicle experience day aims to ‘educate and reassure’ drivers

Linda Grave from EV Driver. Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Linda Grave from EV Driver. Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN - Credit: Archant

An open day offering visitors an opportunity to test drive electric vehicles (EV) and speak with owners, dealers and industry experts about the realities of EV ownership is being held in Suffolk next month.

Linda Grave says the experience day is an opportunity to find out about the realities of owning an e

Linda Grave says the experience day is an opportunity to find out about the realities of owning an electric vehicle. Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN - Credit: Archant

The Electric Vehicle Experience Day is set to take place at Bentwaters Parks on October 4.

The event has been organised by Melton-based business EV Driver, a provider of EV charging systems, which can be installed for domestic, public and business use.

CEO and co-founder Linda Grave said “Our experience day serves to both educate and reassure potential new entrants to the EV market that EV’s are a viable and practical alternative to traditional polluting vehicles.

“Offering visitors access to vehicles is the very best way to help them take a step into a more sustainable form of transport.”

A number of car dealerships from Suffolk will be present at the event demonstrating EV’s including Marshall Ipswich, Cooper BMW Ipswich and Glyn Hopkin Nissan Ipswich. In addition, members of the Tesla Owner’s Group are due to bring various models along while custom electric motor bikes and electric scooters will also be available to try.

Other companies at the event will include Lincolnshire-based myenergi, which develops green energy solutions and will be showing its Zappi Car Charger. Stowmarket-based charge point designer and manufacturer EO will also be present.

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According to the next green car website, there has been a marked surge in demand for electric vehicles in the UK in the past five years with new registrations of plug-in cars increasing from 3,500 in 2013 to more than 166,000 by August 2018. There has also been a rise in the number of EV models available in the UK with many of the top manufacturers in the UK now offering a number of EVs as part of their range.

But while EVs are taking off, Ms Grave says many consumers are still hesitant about making the jump from petrol and diesel-powered cars to either hybrid or pure plug-in vehicles.

Charlie Jardine from Stowmarket-based EO will be at the event

Charlie Jardine from Stowmarket-based EO will be at the event - Credit: Archant

“EV’s are a disruption to the traditional combustion car that we have all been driving for decades - change when it comes this fast can be scary and we need to take people’s fears and concerns and reassure,” she said.

“Battery size is often quoted as a barrier to switching but recent surveys suggest that at 250 miles range is no barrier and these cars are already available and more are coming.

“The majority of EV charging will be done at home overnight and for as little as 2p per mile, while petrol and diesel vehicles cost around 16p per mile. With EVs you have much more control of your supply and you can switch utility company to get the best deals.”

She added: “EV Driver is adding more public charge points at places where you go about your daily business, shopping, leisure and workplace. This is called destination charging - if you are going shopping, you just plug in whilst you shop and top-up or graze, and no special journey to a petrol station is required.”

Visitors are asked to pre-book for the event by visiting: www.evdriver.co.uk and clicking on the “Experience Day” tab

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