Elephant paternity mix-up at zoo

It turned out to be a case of “Who's the (big) daddy?”

Roddy Ashworth

It turned out to be a case of “Who's the (big) daddy?”

Because today it emerged that an elephant credited with siring a yet-to-be-born calf had nothing to do with the pregnancy.

Yesterday Colchester Zoo announced that Opal, a cow elephant at the Stanway attraction, had become pregnant thanks to its bull elephant Tembo.

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Tembo, who has been at the zoo with Opal for 10 years, is already a father of four - Kito, Jambo, Abu and Thabo-Umasi.

But it transpires that when Opal was artificially inseminated recently, it was not Tembo who was the donor.

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Instead, the father will be a bull elephant called Jack, who lives in the West Midlands.

The zoo issued a correction this morning.

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