Employees in East Anglia want a 34% pay rise, survey shows

Employees in East Anglia believe they deserve a pay rise of over 34%, a new survey shows. Picture: G

Employees in East Anglia believe they deserve a pay rise of over 34%, a new survey shows. Picture: GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Suffolk and north Essex employees believe they deserve a 34.6% (£8,384.62) pay increase on their annual salary, according to a new survey.


A survey of 2,500 British workers carried out by Purple CV found that, on average, Brits believe they deserve a 36.8% pay increase. This would mean £8,500.43 nationally.

Those in the East of England believe they should be paid 34.6% more per year (£8,384.62).

North Easterners believe they are the most undervalued, and should be paid 45.4% more per year (£9,700.16). However, those who are happiest with their current remuneration are the Welsh, who would be happy with just £6,298.50 (30%) extra per year.

The survey also found that workers in the East of England think they deserve seven more days off work each year.

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On average, the nation’s workers feel they deserve an extra 8.3 days of paid annual leave.

However, the majority of employees in the survey said they would prefer more pay over extra holiday.

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The survey also looked at employees by industry. Those in the tech industry feel they deserve the highest rise, a steep 57.69%, in fact.

Despite bankers being known for their high salaries, they’re still not happy, and feel underpaid, saying they deserve 41.43% on top of what they currently earn.

Meanwhile, charity workers believe they deserve an increase of 32.22%, while the survey found that lawyers are the industry who feel they deserve the lowest pay rise, at a 30% increase.

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