Watch: 29 tonne sandcastle being built for #LoveCastles appeal

Sand sculptor Jamie Wardley puts the finishing touches to English Heritage's ultimate sandcastle at

Sand sculptor Jamie Wardley puts the finishing touches to English Heritage's ultimate sandcastle at Dover Castle Picture: JIM HOLDEN - Credit: Jim Holden

A Suffolk castle is one of eight hosting special sandcastle building workshops as part of a campaign seeking support to preserve and protect the nation’s historic landmarks.

English Heritage has announced the launch of its #LoveCastle season by inviting budding sculptors to create sand fortresses at Framlingham Castle.

The sandcastle building workshop will take place over the weekend of July 21-22 to mark the launch of a crowd-funding appeal seeking public support to preserve its collection of 66 castles for future generations to enjoy.

To inspire sculptors, English Heritage has created the “ultimate sandcastle” – made with 29 tonnes of sand and standing at 2.1m tall.

English Heritage’s Roy Porter, creator of the ultimate sandcastle, said: “A castle is surely one of the most awe-inspiring sights but if you look closely, all is not what it seems. These amazing structures are a brilliant mix of ages and types, reflecting changing threats and fashions over centuries. Part of the fun of visiting them is using a Sherlock-like eye to tease out their secrets.

Framlingham Castle Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Framlingham Castle Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN - Credit: Archant

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“By studying hundreds of years of trial and error by the real castle builders our ultimate sandcastle contains everything you’d like to see, with each element showing off castle-building ‘perfection’ from a different era. I hope people will be inspired to build their very own ultimate sandcastle this summer – and support English Heritage to care for all our real castles so that they can continue to inspire us all for centuries to come.”

English Heritage’s ultimate sandcastle, which has been built at Dover Castle features defensive features including curtain walls similar to those at Framlingham Castle, as well as inner walls, crenellations or ramparts, a drawbridge and a portcullis.

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As part of its #LoveCastles season, English Heritage is also running a competition where it is challenging people to create their own ultimate sandcastle. At beaches across the country, people are invited to build a castle, top it with a #LoveCastles flag, which are available for a £1 donation at English Heritage sites, and share a picture on social media or by uploading it onto

Spaces on the workshops are available on a first come, first served basis for a £2 donation to the #LoveCastles appeal.

Visit for more information.

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