Suspected drug-driver and car thief ‘ate police drug wipe’

A drugs wipe kit (stock image) Picture: SIMON PARKER

A drugs wipe kit (stock image) Picture: SIMON PARKER

A driver suspected of crashing a stolen car while “heavily intoxicated” is also accused of spitting at two police officers and then eating the drugs testing kit.

Sergeant Colin Shead of Essex Police’s roads policing team Tweeted about the incident in Colchester this week.

He said two of his officers were spat at when trying to arrest the man suspected of crashing a stolen car.

“Not only is he heavily intoxicated he also ate the drug wipe,” he added.

“Criminal damage will be on his list of charges.”

Sgt Shead finished his tweet with the hashtag #SpitHoods referring to a restraint device used to prevent someone from spitting or biting, which some forces in the UK have begun testing.

People commenting on Sgt Shead’s post described the suspect’s behaviour as “disgusting”.

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