Ban for teacher accused of ‘sexual’ remarks to pupils

Timothy Moore was working at Clacton Coastal Academy at the time of the incidents Picture: GOOGLE MA

Timothy Moore was working at Clacton Coastal Academy at the time of the incidents Picture: GOOGLE MAPS - Credit: Archant

Timothy Moore, 63, who was teaching at Clacton Coastal Academy at the time the incidents occurred, was found to have acted in a way that was “unacceptable professional conduct and conduct that may bring the profession into disrepute”.

A panel at the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) found allegations that Moore had said: "I would spank you but it would be a bit inappropriate" to a female pupil and had said he could or would "pull" another pupil had been proven.

They also found that he said: "Don't stop, glad we are comfortable together," when a pupil was adjusting her bra.

Moore was further found to have said: "I would love to be in a detention with you three alone" to a group of female pupils and that: "You would love to be in a detention with me" to another.

It also found that Moore inappropriately touched a number of pupils, including tickling one female pupil in front of the class.

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Moore had worked at the school as a humanities teacher from April 2013 until July last year.

The panel, which heard the case in Moore's absence in July, said although his actions were not proven to be sexually motivated, they "no doubt" had a "sexual element" to them.

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In evidence, Moore described himself as a "tactile person".

The report says Moore had been warned about his behaviour in April 2017 and had accepted restrictions regarding his conduct and work, as well as additional safeguarding training.

However, an investigation was launched in April 2018 into a fresh allegation of inappropriate physical contact with a pupil and he was dismissed on July 3, 2018.

The panel's report reads: "The panel found that making inappropriate comments in regard to a pupil's underwear, innuendos, and unnecessary physical contact with pupils, including tickling a pupil in front of her classmates, would have a negative impact on Mr Moore's status as a teacher.

"This behaviour could damage the public's perception of him and therefore being the profession into disrepute."

Moore can apply to have the ban lifted in two years time or can challenge the findings though the High Court.

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