Everything is awesome as nursery turns to Lego for Suffolk Show plans

Catherine McMillan of Katie’s Garden with the nursery’s Lego model. Picture: Katie's Garden

Catherine McMillan of Katies Garden with the nurserys Lego model. Picture: Katie's Garden - Credit: Archant

Hundreds of displays of flowers will be adding colour to the Suffolk Show this week – but few will have started life quite like the offering from Katie’s Gardens plant centre.

The Newbourne-based centre have planned their stand in miniature … from Lego.

Nursery assistant Catherine McMillan said: “There have been jokes that we should use Lego for the full-size display, but I think we can grow plants more quickly than we can build them out of bricks, and the real things are certainly much cheaper!

“The model has withstood getting wet, being covered in compost on the nursery and covered in sawdust in the workshop, which is more than you could say for paper plans.

“Lego isn’t available in enough colours to show off the 30 varieties of Heuchera we’ll be including but we’re hoping the model will stand us in good stead anyway,” she added.

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The display will be in the Glasswells Flower pavilion.

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