Eye: Radio Suffolk DJ spots bloodied ‘body’ in road

A RADIO presenter has spoken of his shock after he found a “body” lying in a rural country road.

BBC Radio Suffolk presenter Matt Marvell and his wife Zoe were driving from Eye to Stradbroke on Monday evening when they noticed an object ahead.

Mr Marvell, 33, said a female driver had parked up near to what appeared to be a body, but the woman was too afraid to get out of her car.

Upon closer inspection, the “body” turned out to be a dummy that had been dressed up in hooded top, trousers, shoes and gloves. It was also covered with fake blood.

Police came and removed the object, which Mr Marvell said may have been left in the road as a “prank”.

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Mr Marvell – who hosts the 2pm to 4pm Sunday afternoon Matt and Simon show, with Simon Talbot – said his wife had been left in shock by the unsettling incident.

He said: “It had a hoodie, jeans, trainers and gloves on.

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“I thought I had to do something and bent down to check the pulse, but it soon became apparent what it was.

“The girls (Mr Marvell’s wife and the other driver) were both upset.

“I started trying to drag it out of the road and then the police turned up.

“If it was a hoax, then I would think they would be standing around watching to get a giggle out of it, but it could have been something a bit more sinister.

“It’s horrible. You are acting in good faith because you want to help someone, but then you think you’ve been had.

“Zoe was very much shaken up by it and she is a pretty tough girl.”

Mr Marvell said the dummy had not been in the road when he and his wife had made the journey from Stradbroke to Eye just 15 minutes before.

A police spokesman said no reports of criminal activity had been received in the area which could have been connected with the dummy.

He said: “Just prior to 8pm on Monday, January 31, police received a call from a member of the public that a life-sized dummy was lying at the side of Cookley Road, in Eye.

“Police attended and removed the dummy from the road. No other reports have been received in relation to any criminal activity surrounding this incident.

“We have received no reports of any scams or hoaxes involving the use of these objects.

“Should any reports of this nature be received by the police they will be treated seriously and will be fully investigated.”

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