Family's anger over prison "jolly"

THE SISTER of a murdered teenager has hit out after discovering one of the people involved in the killing has been granted a five-day “jolly” from prison.

THE SISTER of a murdered teenager has hit out after discovering one of the people involved in the killing has been granted a five-day “jolly” from prison.

Rebecca Knight's sister Debra Carne was lured to her death in a countryside lane where her killers set her on fire in what became known as the “burning body” murder.

The 17-year-old became embroiled in a row about a boyfriend before her charred remains were found near her home village of Sible Hedingham.

In April last year, two people, Emma Last and Kerry Bauer, were sentenced to life for murder, Steven Wood received eight years for manslaughter while a fourth person, Nicole Hollinshead, was given five years after she was found guilty of conspiracy to inflict grievous bodily harm.

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Last and Bauer had not even met Miss Carne before they attacked her and had only targeted her because Hollinshead, now 21, became suspicious of the friendship she shared with her ex-boyfriend Wood.

After the guilty verdicts were returned Miss Carne's family spoke of their disappointment because they maintained Hollinshead was the person who triggered the horrific events of July 2002.

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But despite thinking the end of the case would give them some closure on the dreadful episode, they were outraged when the Probation Service informed them Hollinshead had been granted five days out to help her acclimatise to life when her sentence is completed.

Yesterday, Rebecca Knight, who lives in Castle Hedingham, said the Government's Release on Temporary Licence made a mockery of her younger sister's death.

She said: “I cannot understand this, I have spoken to family and friends and no-one knew about this scheme, but apparently it is so she can get used to the outside world for when her term ends.

“I am absolutely disgusted by this, I imagine it is so she can spend time with her child, but what she took part in left a family without a daughter and me without a sister.

“They will all get this chance to come out for five days for nothing more than a jolly - our lives have been hell as a result of what happened and this is just rubbing salt into our wounds.”

As part of the order, Hollinshead will not be allowed into Sible Hedingham, Halstead or Braintree although the date of her temporary release has not been made public for fear of possible reprisals.

But Miss Knight added: “I would not sink to her level, it was totally and utterly disgusting what she did.”

The Home Office, responsible for the Probation Service, declined to comment on the individual case.

However, details of the Release on Temporary License on HM Prisons website states: “In certain circumstances a prisoner will be allowed to leave prison on a temporary licence.

“The purpose of this is either for compassionate reasons or to help the prisoner improve their chances of resettlement after their release.

“In order to ensure public safety and maintain public confidence in the system, a rigorous risk assessment is carried out each time before release on temporary licence is approved.

“Resettlement licence is designed to help prisoners reintegrate back into the community and maintain family ties, and as such is a key goal for prisoners reaching the end of their sentences.”

Examples of resettlement licence include making suitable arrangements for accommodation, work and training on release.

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