Felixstowe: Dog stuck in mud

FELIXSTOWE: Coastguard were called in to action to rescue a dog from mud.

The Pointer was stuck for around an hour and a half 150m out at Kingsfleet Marshes on the River Deben, near Felixstowe Ferry.

Thames Coastguard received a call around 9.20am on Saturday that the dog was in difficulty.

The Felixstowe Coastguard Mud Rescue Team were dispatched but when they arrived the owners had coaxed the dog ashore.

A spokesman for Thames Coastguard said: “This is a good opportunity to reminded pet owners not to attempt to rescue their animals if they run in to difficulty.

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“The owners were advised not to go and try and retrieve it and the team from Felixstowe were sent out.

“All too often people will try and rescue their pets themselves. They go in without back up or support and that’s when they can run into difficulty.

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“In this case there was a happy ending and the dog was fine.”

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