Felixstowe: Drunken behaviour still causing misery on resort’s seafront

Seafront residents in Felixstowe claim they are being kept awake in the early hours by revellers mak

Seafront residents in Felixstowe claim they are being kept awake in the early hours by revellers making their way home after a night out. - Credit: Archant

Police have reassured residents that action is being taken after fresh concerns were raised about late-night trouble on Felixstowe seafront.

Earlier this year the Bent Hill and Seafront Area Residents’ Association handed senior officers a catalogue of complaints, saying unsavoury antics of drinkers leaving the nightclub and pubs late at night and in the early hours were making their lives a misery.

Bad behaviour highlighted included drug dealing, drunkenness, vandalism to cars and other property, fighting, noise, sexual activity in gardens and doorways, vomiting, foul language, and under-age drinking.

Officers said that the number of police on duty on weekend nights had been trebled to ensure a presence on the seafront.

They were also giving priority attention with high visibility patrols to revellers’ routes home to quell trouble and deal with problems of noise and criminal damage.

However, this week’s meeting of the Felixstowe and District Safer Neighbourhood Team community panel was told residents were still suffering disturbed nights.

Town and district councillor Doreen Savage said residents living near the corner of Stanley Road were woken every Friday and Saturday between 3am and 5am.

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She said: “There is screaming and yelling, people drunk, urinating in the street – it’s just as prevalent as it’s always been.

“Once they are out of the pubs and clubs there is little those premises can do about them, but something needs to be done because they are waking and disturbing residents.”

The meeting was told officers were patrolling and dealing with incidents, with support from a team from the Felixstowe Town Pastors.

Insp Matt Dee said the resort also had a very effective NightSafe scheme with more than 30 licensed establishments taking part.

Details of individuals caught up in acts of anti-social behaviour while intoxicated were brought to the committee. He said: “We are looking at three to six-month bans from licensed premises and that can be very effective in dealing with problems and is also a very effective deterrent.”