Felixstowe: Fears turbine go-ahead will spoil beauty spot

COMMUNITY leaders are today being urged to give the go-ahead for another wind turbine proposal at a beauty spot on the Felixstowe peninsula.

Planners are already recommending approval for two turbines to generate green electricity in an unspoilt river valley at Levington, and are now saying a turbine – also in an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) – should be granted permission at Felixstowe.

Adams and Sons (Farms) Ltd want to put a 21metre high 20KW turbine in open countryside off Gulpher Road after pressure from customers to cut the carbon content of their products.

The farm uses about 75MWh of electricity annually to power milking machines, chillers and sterilizers in its dairy, and the turbine will offset around 60 per cent of the annual consumption.

But despite objections from Felixstowe Town Council, the Felixstowe Society, Suffolk Preservation Society and 16 residents, Suffolk Coastal planners are recommending councillors give consent on Tuesday.

Town councillors feel the turbine is unacceptable in the AONB because it would be visible on the skyline from many points of the Deben Estuary, and could set a precedent for a series of similar applications.

Other objectors are worried about views being spoiled, noise nuisance, and believe wind turbines should be confined to offshore.

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Case officer Rosie Dinnen said: “Several of the objectors who live close to the site have objected on the basis that they will be able to see the wind turbine from their property. The planning system does not protect the views of individuals and therefore this is not a material planning consideration.”