Pupils put their business brains to good use to raise money for charity

Look out Alan Sugar - the entrepreneurial Year 6 pupils at Hardwick Primary School that took part in

Look out Alan Sugar - the entrepreneurial Year 6 pupils at Hardwick Primary School that took part in the Santander "Fiver Challenge" and raised over �400 in profit which they presented to Sue Smith, fund raising manager for the West Suffolk Hospital MyWiSH Charity. Picture: ANDY ABBOTT - Credit: Andy Abbott

Pupils at Hardwick Primary School, in Bury St Edmunds, have put their business brains to good use.

For they have taken part in the Fiver Challenge where they were given £5 and over a four-week period had to make a profit.

And from getting bikes and scooters washed to personalised beaded bracelets and from fruity drinks to ice cream flavour and sprinkles they managed to raise £477.57 for the My WiSH Charity, which included £185 from an England Day at the school.

The money will go towards critical care services at the West Suffolk Hospital and Sue Smith, the fundraising manager for the charity, said: “It was so wonderful to be invited into Hardwick Primary School.

“The £5 challenge is such a great idea. I heard all about what businesses the children had developed and they were so excited to have raised such an incredible amount, anything from selling ice creams to washing bicycles and scooters, such young budding entrepreneurs in the making.

“The money will be used in our critical care unit.”

Maths teacher Tom Williams, who initiated the challenge, said: “The Fiver Challenge provides a highly interactive, fun way of introducing financial education, enterprise and the world of work to primary school children as they aim to make as much profit as possible from £5 in four weeks.

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“The My Wish is an amazing charity and their goal is to make sure that friends, family and neighbours enjoy the best treatment and the best possible service when they visit West Suffolk Hospital.”

The challenge was supported by Santander and the youngsters at the school in Steward Road, researched, advertised, created posters and orders of the items they required.

The businesses they set up were: Wash ‘n’ Go to get bikes and scooters washed by expert cleaners; Super Stationery, buying custom-made stationery such as bendy pencils and magnets; Fun inc, buying sweets, crisps and personalised beaded bracelets; D V Kings, mini doughnuts covered in cream and a choice of sauces as well as sprinkles and chocolates; Bizarre Bazaar, personalised beaded bracelets; Shake Stop, a selection of delicious milk shakes with the choice of sprinkles and cream; Fruity Fizz, refreshing fruity drinks with added real fruit; and Ice Queenz!, a selection of ice cream flavours with extra sprinkles and sauces.