Flashback: Ballet friends retrace their steps

DANCING girls from The Barn School in Gromford featured in a recent edition of Flashback - and the photo has bought back memories for one.

Janet Peck, of Benhall, has written in to say: “From right to left: Felicity Greenfield, Janet Moore (myself), Jennifer Barnes, Christina Gaythorne-Hardy, Sue Foster, Wendy Bartlett.

“The girl at the front I cannot recall her name.

“I believe the school closed about 1956-57.”

Margaret Lak, honorary secretary of Waldringfield Sailing Club, wrote in about a photo of a presentation, see gallery above right.

She said: “This picture was of Cadet week at Waldringfield.

“The names are, from left to right, back row: W Jeffries (I do not think he was a member of the WSC) Ian Harris, James Vernon, Kate and Julia Stanford, Kate Fraser, Allison Nunn, Chris Simmons and Zoe Race. Left to right front row: James White, Robert Plummer and Chris Mason.

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“Most of these are either members themselves or their parents are still members even if they themselves have moved to other parts of the world.

“The names were given to me by a parent of one and someone else even identified the arm on the extreme left of the picture (but I have forgotten who it was).”

Identifying two cheek chappies, Mrs A Hastings said: “The boy on left (facing) is David Buckle, he was age four. The holiday activity club was organised by a group of mums in the village.

“David is living in Stowmarket and has his own business working as an electrician.

“Boy on right (facing) is Michael Fairfull.”

A photo taken at the Moyses Hall Museum caught Robert Halliday’s eye, he said it was taken in the curator’s office at the museum in Bury St Edmunds in December 1985.

He added: “It shows the presentation given to Miss Elizabeth Owles, the museum curator, on her retirement at the end of 1985. Miss Owles is the woman sitting, holding some flowers and her presentation.

“I can say this with some confidence as I was one of the museum staff at the time, and I am shown in the photograph.

“The man with glasses, standing on the left, is Mr John Vaughan, who was then the Borough Secretary, who had been in charge of the retirement presentation. I am standing face on to the camera, over Miss Owles’ shoulder (wearing the white jacket), the bearded man next to me is ‘Chris’ (Christopher) Mycock, the man on the far right is ‘Chris’ (Christopher) Reeve.

“The three of us had worked as museum assistants at Moyse’s Hall. I think the woman standing over Miss Owles’ shoulder, between me and John Vaughan, is Yvonne Presland, who was another member of the museum staff at the time.

“I regret that, despite being present at the occasion, I cannot recognise any of the other people in the photograph.”

Former Mildenhall footballers have been named after a picture of them from 1988 appeared in Flashback, David Bacon said: “I can name some of Mildenhall FC’s players.

“I spoke to a former chairman and he thought, as I did, it was about the time Mildenhall joined the Jewson League. There’s Richard Hales, Richard Grimwood, Adie Gardiner, Kevin Cook, Martin Law, Gerald Pearce, Craig Fleming and Ian (Hutch) Houghton to name some.”

The Creeting St Mary Gymkhana from 1979 has sparked much conversation, and the latest to send in her memories is Mrs A Johnson, of Stowmarket.

She said: “I ran Creeting Show for 22 years and the people in the photo are, left to right, Sue Pilgrim riding Fortune as Pink Panther, led by her mother Rosie. My son Anthony riding Sugar as the Devil, led by Julie Last and the Pearson family as Humpty Dumpty. I do not have more names for this one.”

A village production of Goody Two Shoes was taken in Fressingfield in January 1984, and Elly Clark said: “I don’t know the identity of the lady in the sailor’s outfit but the gentleman in the hat is my grandpa (Dr David Chase) and the fairy godmother is my mother, Christine Clark. I was also in the play as a very small fairy when I was about three years old.”

Meanwhile Alison Nobbs wrote to say: “Each year we would enter into the spirit of Wickham Market Carnival which was great fun, and this particular year was our rendition of Steptoe & Son.

“From left to right is myself, my dear late mum and dad Betty and Harry Hawes and my husband Brian.”

Spotting a photo taken at White Notley Village Hall, Jean Archer wrote and said: “I was very interested in the photo of White Notley village hall.

“Myself and a friend celebrated our 21st birthdays there in March 1951, not sure if I am in the picture but I do remember Sonia who sent in the photo.

All very interesting.”

If you remember these events, email flashback@eadt.co.uk, to buy a copy of one of these photos email sharon.clarke@archant.co.uk or click on the myphotos24 link at the top of the page.

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