Flashback: Fishing for more details

WHAT a catch! But who are the myserty fishermen?

Graham Andrews has been able to shed some light on this image, after spotting it in Flashback. He said: “The picture is of myself Graham Andrews (Ipswich) on the right and I believe it may be Ken Messinger.

“I think we were fishing a sea league match at East Lane, Shingle Street. I fished for a team called Biteless,

“You can just detect the name on my body warmer in the picture. I think we were first and second in that section on the Sunday. Each team had five people and there were about 20 teams in the league, which was called The Evening Star Sea League.

“The Biteless team captain was Roy Doe, other members were Bob Knights (now deceased), Richard Hunter, Terry Murray, Tom Hunnable and me Graham Andrews.

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“Sorry to anyone I have forgotten. Many thanks for the memory.”

David Coke, curator at Gainsborough’s House from 1976-1979, identified a photo from Flashback as being from an anniversary celebration at the famous landmark.

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Naming those in the picture he wrote: “Graham Reynolds, former Chairman of the Gainsborough’s House Trust, who lived at Bradfield-St-George with his wife Daphne, who was an artist; don’t know who the chap with the beard is - maybe the current chairman? Robert MacPherson, my immediate predecessor as curator; Doris Pleydell-Bouverie, who lived in Bury St Edmunds, and was a trustee. Tall fellow with beard is Hugh Belsey, curator of GH at the time and for many years. And I think that the chap on the right may be Arthur Essex, a former mayor of Sudbury, and a Patron of GH, but I wouldn’t swear to it.

“The photograph appears to have been taken in the ground floor exhibition gallery, at the time of the annual Suffolk Art Society show.

Sharing her memories, June Trelawny identified a photo of Borstal boys at the Bury St Edmunds Drama Festival. She said: “I was interested to see a photograph of myself with three “Borstal Boys” taken at the Bury St Edmunds Drama Festival in May 1964.

“Living in Felixstowe at that time (my husband, Ian, was manager of the Felixstowe Dock and Railway Co) I travelled on Wednesday evenings (by taxi and Charlie Brinkley’s Ferry) to Hollesley Bay colony (then a Borstal) to take drama classes and entered teams for local festivals.

“The play we entered for the Bury Festival in 1964 was My Three Angels – I can’t remember the playwright’s name (he was French). There is a film currently showing on TV entitled We’re No Angels which I think is derived from the play, though very different.

“We didn’t win a trophy at the Bury Festival but the adjudicator was not too savage and the boys much enjoyed their outing.”

Another artistic Flashback reader, Penny Davies said of a dance picture: “I can tell you more about this photo because I’m in it!

“It’s when we won the Group Dance section at the Suffolk Musical Festival in October 1987. I think we were one of the first to enter as an independent dance group i.e. not formed from a dance school and amazingly we won!

“We were all friends and members of the Company of Four theatre group in Woodbridge and we choreographed the number ourselves. Looking at the photo from left to right we were back then: my brother Gavin Lee, myself Penny Lee, Michelle Mixer, her sister Stella Mixer and Louise Burrows.

“My brother Gavin has gone on to pursue a career in musical theatre, he is currently starring as Bert in Mary Poppins on Broadway, having originated the role both in the West End and New York, and in February next year he is returning to London to take over from Tom Chambers as the lead in the musical ‘Top Hat’.

“Myself and Stella (Mitchell as she is now) are still involved with the Company of Four as we are both choreographers for their forthcoming panto, Jack & the Beanstalk, which is on at the Riverside Theatre in February half term.

“Thanks for printing the photo – it’s great to relive those memories although I can’t believe it was 25 years ago! It’ll be a great talking point at rehearsals this week!”

Another letter sent to Flashback this week revealed more about a photo taken at a Sudbury school of children with history books. It reads: “I am Jackie Warren (formerly Seeley) on the far right of this photo - and I still have my copy of our ‘book’ at home in a drawer!

“Left to right - individuals were: Susan Selvester, Jane Carter, Amanda Nunn, Harriet Addyman, Ruth Gilkes, (sorry - know the face, but not the name), me.

“We did some work, after school (All Saints Middle School - on the Straw Lane site, before it became the William Wood Old People’s Home) with local historian Edith Freeman (now dead, I believe), researching ‘key’ people in Sudbury’s history. We had great fun working with Edith - and I have memories of regularly playing a word-game with her - ‘Copper Kettles’ - but I don’t really remember what it was!

“Via facebook, I have contact with Sue, Jane and Harriet - and I know that Ruth is currently working as an HLTA at Great Cornard Middle School.

“I’d like to say I have become slightly better-looking in my old age; sadly, that wouldn’t be true! (We all look very pleased with ourselves though, don’t we?!) “

Referring to a photo of a Bury Operatic Society production from 1967, Michael Phillips said: “The photo is of Bury Operatic Society’s production of The Maid of the Mountains.

“My late wife and myself were both in this musical, before we married.

“It’s sad to see the leading lady Thelma Ely and four other people in the photo have now died. We had very happy memories of this show and many others at that time.

“I still have the programme, I had a small part then as one of the brigands ‘Pietro’.”

Sharing her memories of a photo of tots playing, Terest Hawes said: “I was the playschool leader at the Woodbridge Mehtodist Church Playgroup. The children in the photo from left to right were Carl Double, Kevin Mummery, Jeremy Evans and Graham Hawes.

“Happy days!”

The Northgate Avenue Christmas Party of December 1979 is an event Peter and Elizabeth Nunn have never forgotten.

They said: “Gosh, this takes us back well into the past - all we can tell you is the three choir boys’ were from St Mary’s Church choir, Bury St Edmunds obviously carol singing at the event and the young man on the right in the centre is our son Andrew Nunn.

“We are not sure of the names of the other two but could be Paul Taylor (in the middle) and ? King (on the left).

“A very good photo and such a surprise to see!”

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