Flashback: Flower festivals, carnivals and a grape harvest are remembered

Grape Harvesting at Kelsale October 1975

Grape Harvesting at Kelsale October 1975

More events featured in photographs have been remembered by our readers

RE: Kelsale Flower Festival, August 1973

Further to the photograph printed in the EADT a few weeks ago and the reply from Louisa Bassett in the edition of October 7, Louisa and her brother were two of the children I could not identify when it was first printed.

I can now tell you that from left to right are: Helen Richardson, my daughter Claire, myself, then Louisa and Andrew Bassett. The next girl I cannot identify, the next adult is Sue Hambling with her son Stephen and daughter Sarah and finally I cannot identify the girl on the right.

Those who are named all still live locally (except Louisa and Andrew) either in Kelsale or Saxmundham. A far cry from Louisa and Andrew.

Rita Daniels,

By email

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Re: Presentation to St Nicholas Hospice in 1986

It is a happy coincidence that you published a picture of a 1986 presentation to St Nicholas Hospice in this year’s Hospice Care Week.

The lady receiving the card and cheque is Joy Blake who was our first administrator doing PR and fundraising in the early days of the hospice. I can’t name any of the ladies from Clinton Cards but it would be lovely to hear from any of them who are still in the area. They represent the many shops, companies and individuals who have supported the hospice since it started work with one nurse in the community in 1984 and continue to do so. We are very grateful to them all and without them could not find the £11,000 that has to be raised every day of the year to provide this vital service to the community of West Suffolk and Thetford.

Canon Richard Norburn, MBE,

President, St Nicholas Hospice Care.

Re: Wickhambrook Carnival 1988

Wickhambrook Carnival 1988 featured the WI’s Hawaiian entry for the carnival procession.

From left to right in back row were Merle Dyer (now deceased), Gill Corbyn, Diane Everitt and someone I don’t recognise! Front row from the left are Deidre Smith, Thelma Farrow, Joyce Draycott, Jackie Fieldsend and Angela Cross.

My, we all look young and great fun was had by all when we travelled on a trailer from a farm some miles away and nearly blew off coming down a steep hill into the village! We all looked happy owing to the box of wine hidden behind a palm tree I seem to remember!

All the front row and myself are still members of the Wickhambrook WI.

Gill Corbyn,

By email.

Re: Grape harvesting in Kelsale in October 1975

This email is in relation to the grape harvesting at Kelsale in October 1975.

I don’t know if anybody else has contacted you in relation to the grape harvesting at Kelsale in October 1975 but the young lad, third from the left, is me Christopher Smith aged 13. I am now 51 with two grown-up children of my own.

This picture brought back lots of memories of our time as we were served dinner at the manor house as a thank you for our work as well as being paid, of course.

Working from left to right is my older brother Adrian, Teresa Mayhew, myself and Christopher Hughes.

Christopher Smith,

By email.