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Guides reunion at Westleton April 1981

Guides reunion at Westleton April 1981

Our readers have once again been casting their minds back to yesteryear after seeing photos in Flashback.

Re: Guides reunion at Westleton April 1981 (May 27)

IMAGINE my surprise when I recognised most of the people in the Guides Flashback. In the picture reading from the left-hand side to the right are: Pat West (then Low), Florence Goddard, Hilary Goddard, unknown, Miss Docwra, Penny Rous, Guider Joan Godfrey, the other Miss Docwra, unknown, Biscuit McGrath with glasses, Angela, Mandy Fisher, unknown, Jenny Godfrey and Molly McGrath. On the bottom row: Lizzie Low (now Beth Barlow) with her head leaning on the table side, then at the front I think it is Samantha Fisher, Nicola English, unknown and Paula Booth far right.



Re: Big get together

I AM the great-great granddaughter of William Byford who won the gold medal from Queen Victoria. I believe my brother still has that medal.

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I was born in Clare in 1951, daughter of Michael Byford, he being the son of Cady Byford and, he, in turn being the son of some one we always heard referred to as ‘CWB’, my great grandfather (Charles William Byford) who died at 96 in 1956 and whom I remember well.

We were always brought up with the knowledge that a ‘great’ relative of some sort won a medal from Queen Victoria for breeding Suffolk punches and I believe that is CWB’s father. I have a photo of CWB, my grandfather, my father and my brother, then a babe in arms, taken in 1949. I have, however, no knowledge of Byfords in Glemsford. I would be interested to know more.

There are also two Byford cousins in Leicestershire with whom I am in contact. Now fairly elderly but extremely sparky



Re: Coronation Photo, Felixstowe, 1953

THE photograph taken in 1953 at the Ritz Cinema in Felixstowe of a group of youngsters chosen to represent the Queen, Prince Phillip, pages, maids in waiting etc in celebration of the Coronation. I can remember us having to go onto the stage at the cinema, a few weeks before this photo was taken, and of being chosen from all the other children that had entered.

I am on the photograph (nee Penny Baines), five years old, (holding the crown on a cushion), nee Trudy Tye (the other maid in waiting) and Tommy Spence (the page).

I do not remember the names of any of the others in the photo but I believe they all came from the Cornwall Road area of Felixstowe.

I can remember there being an enormous street party held in Cornwall Road and a big event (like an enormous fete) held on Harpers Playing field which is behind Cornwall Road.



Re: Young Achiever awards given by Bury St Edmunds Rotary Club, May 1988

THE gentleman in the middle of the picture (front row) of St Edmunds Rotary Club is David Howes, a farmer.



Do you recognise any of the children from Long Melford Primary School’s Book Week Characters in May 1989? - See our gallery top right.

Or were you part of the East Hadleigh Young Farmers team captured practising bale-rolling skills in May 1990.

Where are they now? We photographed pupils at Woodbridge School during a CCF Inspection in May 1990. Do you knwo where any of these youngsters ended up?

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