Flashback: Memories of “Its a Knockout” and railway exhibitions

Model Railway Exhibition at Bury October 1981

Model Railway Exhibition at Bury October 1981

More events featured in photographs have been remembered by our readers

Re: Bury railway exhibition 1981

The picture on page 31 (EADT, October 30) shows my two sons Gavin and Jason on the left next to their friend Tim.

They were very interested in model railway exhibitions and train spotting, with Tim working for British Rail.

Gavin was born on the day England won the World Cup in 1966 and still runs his model railway at his home today.

Clive Palfrey,

By email.

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Re: It’s A Knockout Competition at Eye, September 1986

I believe this event was represented by teams from local hospitals in the area, and the photograph shows myself getting out of a cardboard box with “bun” still intact.

This photograph also links up with a Flashback photograph taken at the same event (EADT, September 29, 2012) with our team from Felixstowe General Hospital and comprised of staff, cooks and porters. We called ourselves the OPIUMS hence the poppy t-shirts.

Bridget Gosling,

Trimley St Martin.

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