Flashback: The band plays on as we take a trip down memory lane

Alien Love Child Pop Group in Stanton May 1992

Alien Love Child Pop Group in Stanton May 1992

Once again in our weekly photo feature readers remember the past

Re: D of E scheme launching lifeboat at West Mersea, March 1979

THE young lady at the front of the picture, to the right of the lifeboat, is my daughter. She was Jacqueline Fahie and is now Mrs Jacqueline Cheer.

She went on to serve 22 years with Essex Police and then moved to Suffolk as Assistant Chief Constable. During that time she was the face of Suffolk Police alongside Stewart Gull during the Ipswich murders. She then became Deputy Chief Constable in Suffolk and is now Chief Constable of Cleveland. Last year she received the Queen’s Police Medal from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.



Re: Framlingham College speech day 1991

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GENERAL Sir Patrick Howard-Dobson, Chairman of Governors; Speaker, we don’t know - it was listed as a Baroness, but this clearly isn’t; headmaster James Miller; Head Girl Katie Norton, daughter of the late Dr Norton; now Katie Woodruff (wife of another OF) and mother of Lilly Woodruff currently at Brandeston Hall in Year 8; Head Boy - James Fingland.



AFTER consultation with Mr Tony Martin, former archivist and Framlinghamian (47-55) and Mark D Robinson, Head of History and Deputy Head (Co-Curricular) I can advise that we have identified these people in the top picture in Flashback: ‘Framlingham College Speech Day, May 1991’.

L-R picture taken on the front lawn at Framlingham College, with a view of the castle in the background.

General Sir Patrick Howard-Dobson GCB, Chairman of Governors, a former student (1933-1940) at the College, General Sir Patrick was also Vice-Chief of Defence Staff, former Aide-de-Camp to HM the Queen. World War Two - 7th Queen’s Own Hussars; Burma Campaign, Awarded: Virtuti Militari (Polish), Silver Star (US).

Unknown, possibly the prize giver.

Headmaster - Mr James FX Miller (1989-1994).

Head Girl, Miss Katharine Norton (now Mrs Katharine Woodruff, 1981-1991, also attended Brandeston Hall). Mrs Woodruff married another Framlinghamian, Christopher.

Head Boy - Mr James Fingland who was here at the College from 1986-1991.


Alumni & Events Officer,

Framlingham College.

Re: Aircraft built in garage in Ufford - Pearl Earrey

AS one of the persons shown in Pearl’s picture (left of Stan Ward, in a ‘hooped’ pullover) I can give some information on the history of the aircraft built in Mick Cutmore’s garage in Ufford.

The aircraft in question is an ‘ARV Super-2’. It was designed by Richard Noble (holder of a Land Speed record) and his team, and was available as either a factory-built aircraft or as a kit.

A group of enthusiastic flyers (including myself, Mick, Stan Ward and several others) purchased a kit and spent most weekends and some holidays putting it together. In all, it took a couple of years from delivery to flying and certification. In practice, very few such kits were ever purchased, and only two or three were ever completed!

As you are aware, Mick moved from Ufford and the partly-built ARV was moved to a house in Great Blakenham, where most of the remaining construction work was done in a huge garage there. When it eventually reached the stage where painting and ‘final fitting’ were all that remained to be done, the ARV was moved to a farm building next to the airstrip where it was to be based for some years.

The first picture shows the completed (and certificated) ARV, outside this ‘hangar.’ I also appear in this picture.

The second picture shows the ARV parked at Ipswich Airport (before Ipswich Borough Council decided to sell the family silver and convert it into yet another housing-estate).

The ARV served the group well for many years but, in due course, age, marriage and job-moves depleted the group size and as, by then, Ipswich Airport had been sold, there were few potential replacement pilots. Inevitably, the group ‘folded’ and the ARV was sold on; I believe it was moved to somewhere in Lincolnshire.

Googling the ARV’s registration number (G-BOGK) should yield its post-Suffolk history.



Re: Your Memories

THE photo, right hand page, bottom right of Captain Bob Wylde was taken on April 12, 1980.

The people with him are, from left to right, Mike Stockman, Harry Keeble, Philip Parker, Captain Wylde, John Bowman and, just on the photo, is Don Jarvis. All are fellow Captains.


Great Oakley,


Re: Hadleigh Toddler Group sponsored toddle

I WAS thrilled to open up the paper and see the picture of the Hadleigh Toddler group’s sponsored toddle (EADT, May 6).

I’m standing second left holding my eldest son, Myles, who was a month old and my daughter, Holly, is sitting on her bicycle in the middle of the picture. She now has two children of her own (Jack, seven, and Lucy, five) and my son is on a year’s adventure in Australia with his younger brother Sam!

We used to meet at the URC hall and the toddle was a yearly event to raise money for new toys and equipment. It was a lovely group and we had regular trips out. We’d jump on a coach and go to the seaside or the zoo and have teddy bears’ picnics in the park.

Thank you for reminding me of some very happy memories.



Re: Alien Love Child

I WAS interested to see the picture of the above group as my son was a founder member in the late 80s.

The line-up shown was not the original, with a different singer, guitarist and bass player. This consisted of, from left to right, Greg (bass), Bret (guitar), Crash (vocals) Paul Wadsworth (guitar) and Pete (drums).

The original line-up, who still play occasional reunion gigs, was Paul (bass) Rich (guitar), Ricky (vocals), Paul Wadsworth (guitar) and Pete (drums).

Their next local gig is at the Wattisfield festival on August 3.



Re: Southwold Trinity Fair

THE picture shows my uncle Sir Christopher Collett and his wife Anne visiting Southwold where his mother Ruth lived at the time, plus countless cousins. At the time he was Lord Mayor of London, hence the chain of office.