Wanted - Suffolk street to help cut food waste via fun challenge

The search is on for a Suffolk street to take part in a food waste challenge

The search is on for a Suffolk street to take part in a food waste challenge - Credit: Hubbub/Suffolk and Norfolk County Councils

Have you and your neighbours got what it takes to save food waste?

It's estimated the average East Anglian family could waste up to £730 a year on food waste, in line with the UK average - amounting to around £60 a month.

Now Suffolk Waste Partnership and environmental charity Hubbub are on the search for a Suffolk street or community to take up a challenge, as part of the #foodsavvy project.

A woman carrying a basket of fruit and veg for Suffolk food waste challenge

A Suffolk neighbourhood is wanted to take part in a food waste challenge - Credit: Andy Greenacre for Hubbub, Suffolk and Norfolk County Councils.

The idea is for one street from Suffolk and one from Norfolk to collectively make their food go further and help save it from the bin. Ten households in a street, block or neighbourhood will need to sign up in the six weeks following the nomination.  

The fun challenge is intended to spotlight the little things we can all do to help stop good food from going to waste.

Householders who take part will be provided with personalised advice and a free food saving kit and will join challenges to win prizes. There may also be a chance to be on TV.

Suffolk Waste Partnership manager Rob Cole, said: “We would love to involve Suffolk residents to tackle the important issue of food waste head on. 

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“The benefits of reducing food waste are not limited to reducing our carbon footprint, but by being smart with our groceries, families and households can discover new and delicious recipes and save money on their food bills too.

“This project promises to be a fun and, mildly competitive, opportunity to help residents see for themselves just how much they could be saving by being a little more food savvy.”

To nominate your street or neighbourhood before May 17, visit the Food Savvy website and fill out the Street That Saved form.

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