Food trends 2015

Gourmet burger

Gourmet burger - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Ramen noodles

Ramen noodles - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The world of food is always changing, always adapting – that’s what makes it so exciting.

If you want to be on the ball, read on and discover what’s going to be hot this year and where you can give them a try.

Trend: Poutines

Just mention poutines to a Canadian and they’ll go weak at the knees. Apparently invented in Quebec in the 50s and now the nation’s favourite fast food (and ultimate bar snack), poutines are basically just posh cheesy chips with gravy. Yum yum.

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Try it: Cult Café on Ipswich’s Waterfront has had poutines on the menu since it opened – and they daren’t take them off. Toppings to choose from include pulled pork, chilli beef, roast chicken gravy, jalapenos and sour cream.

Trend: Barbecue and soul food

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Shows like Man vs Food and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives have fed our appetites for proper barbecue and soul food in the UK. In London alone there are loads of cool barbecue eateries popping up, like Pitt and Cue. We’re talking wings, ribs, lip-smacking sauces and more.

Try it: Sweet P’s BBQ on Upper Orwell Street in Ipswich has garnered a following for its proper, home-cooked soul food, from barbecue chicken and slow-cooked ribs, to sloppy joes, corn bread and dirty rice.

Trend: Regional ethnic

Instead of a generic Indian, go for a North Indian buffet, or Sri Lankan feast. Instead of a tired pizza joint, try real authentic regional Italian cuisine. Skip the Chinese buffet and have a Cantonese.

Try it: My Keralam in Ipswich specialises in Southern Indian cuisine. Dishes include vada (a type of savoury doughnut with lentils, green chilli, onion and ginger) and masala dosa (ground rice and lentil pancakes filled with spiced potatoes).

Or try beautiful award-winning Umbrian food at The Buxhall Coach House, from wildly creamy lasagne to the most divine, melt-in-the-mouth slow-cooked lamb.

Trend: Ramen

Noodle and ramen bars are popping up all over the States and the trend is trickling over into the UK, where bowls of noodles in broth are the ‘in’ thing.

Try it: Suffolk is well ahead of the game here. Mizu in Ipswich is a go-to place for noodle lovers. Try the Mizu House Ramen, bringing together noodles, boiled egg, crabstick, Japanese fishcake, roast pork, prawns, shitake mushrooms, peppers, menma, enoki mushrooms and Chinese greens.

Zen Noodle Bar in Bury St Edmunds is worth a look too.

Trend: Posh burgers

Burgers have gone crazy in the UK over the past 12 months, with a few stipulations. It’s got to be British beef (preferably 28 day matured prime cuts), the bun has to be pretty awesome (think brioche, not stale fast food joint style), and there have to be flavour mash-ups.

Try it: For a whole array of burger options you can’t beat Benson Blakes in Bury St Edmunds. Have a burger glazed with teriyaki sauce with wasabi mayo, or one topped with rocket, basil aioli, sunblushed tomatoes and rocket, or even a tuna burger (chargrilled tuna steak) topped with olive salsa.

Another good option in Bury is hip hangout, The LP where the Pully burger brings together pulled pork, barbecue honey glaze and salad, contained in a dense tasty bun.

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