Four month ban for speeder Jack Hewett, caught at 120mph on A14 near Bury St Edmunds

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

A 20-year-old who drove at 120mph on the A14 at Bury St Edmunds only a month after getting penalty points for speeding has been disqualified from driving.

Jack Hewett, of Crabtree Meadow, Elmswell, was one of five motorists who pleaded guilty to travelling at more than 100mph on Suffolk’s roads when they appeared before Ipswich magistrates.

The others were caught doing 109mph, 107mph, 102mph and 101mph.

Hewett was recorded as driving his Fiat Stilo at 50mph above the speed limit by police doing checks on the A14 on May 16.

The court heard Hewett had previously been given three penalty points for a speeding offence on April 18.

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Referring to the latest offence clerk of the court Richard Newman told him: “You are off the scale in terms of the magistrates’ guidelines.”

Although Hewett admitted speeding he contested the speed he was alleged to have been doing.

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He said: “I believe I was speeding up to 110mph, but I don’t believe I was speeding to 120mph because my car was not physically capable of making it to that speed.

“I wasn’t showing off, there was no one else in the car with me. I just wanted to get home because it was late at night.

“I had just dropped my girlfriend off at work. It was just a stupid thing I now regret.”

Sentencing Hewett chairman of the bench Bob Skinner told him: “We are not impressed with this. You are going to be disqualified for four months. That should give you sufficient time to ponder on your behaviour.”

As well as his driving ban Hewett must pay a total of £565 in costs, surcharges and a fine.

Former firefighter Craig Bosiger, of Hall Street, Long Melford was also disqualified from driving after pleading guilty to travelling at 107mph on his Kawasaki motorbike.

The incident occurred at 4pm on May 27 on the A14 at Newmarket.

Marcus Croskell, representing the 32-year-old, said: “It was inexcusable.”

Banning Bosiger for 21 days Mr Skinner told him: “We are talking about behaviour that can only be described as dangerous.”

Bosiger must also pay a total of £620 in costs, surcharges and a fine.

Adam Harris, 26, of Dunstable, was also disqualified from driving for 21 days after admitting travelling at 109mph on the A14 at Newmarket in his Skoda Octavia.

He told the court: “I’m massively disappointed in myself. I don’t have an excuse.”

Harris must also pay a total of £510 which includes a fine and court charges.

Banned driver Michael Gomez was given a 12-month disqualification to run concurrently with a 41-month ban he was given in June for a second drink-driving offence.

The 52-year-old from Hitchin admitted speeding at 102mph on the A14 at Higham on May 30.

The court was told he had previously been banned in 2013 for one-year, two months and 20 days.

Before that he had been given 10 penalty points for another driving-related matter in November 2012.

In addition to his ban Gomez was ordered to pay £310 in charges and a fine.

George O’Leary, 19, of The Street, Raydon, near Hadleigh, was given six penalty points and ordered to pay a total of £355 after admitting speeding at 101mph on the A14 at Higham on May 11.

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