‘There’s been some last minute hitches’ - Temporary toilet trouble as visitors cannot get in or out

The toilets pictured before the steps arrived Picture: ANDREW HIRST

The toilets pictured before the steps arrived Picture: ANDREW HIRST - Credit: Andrew Hirst

Proposals to make it easier for park visitors to spend a penny this summer look set to cost hundreds of extra pounds.

Framlingham Town Council decided to fund a temporary toilet at Pageant Field for the school summer holidays but the project was “caught short” – by a lack of steps.

Speaking at the latest town council meeting held on Thursday evening, councillor Stephanie Bennell explained: “There’s been some last minute hitches.

“The toilet is all ready to go but the problem is no one can get into it because the entrance is too high.

“Currently the deputy town clerk is trying to get quotes for some steps so that people can get in and out. We’ve no idea how much it’s going to cost.”

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Ms Bennell asked for the council to agree to fund up to £300 to hire the steps.

Having already agreed to spend more than £2,000 on the eight week hire and cleaning of the toilets, the request was met with some concern.

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Councillor Jo Simpson, said that as the toilets were “not fit for purpose” without the steps, the company that provided them should compensate the council.

“It’s simple business,” he said.

However, Ms Bennell warned that the company would “argue until the cows come home”.

“Meanwhile, we’re paying for this and we can’t use it,” she added.

It had originally been anticipated that the toilet block would have been at ground level and its waste tank would be buried in a ditch beneath it or position to the side.

During a previous discussion at the council’s Lands committee, Mr Simpson and councillor Philip Collins had agreed to dig a trench for a plastic tube to run to the tank.

However, at the latest meeting at The Westbury Centre in Fairfield Road, on Thursday, councillors heard that the toilet block needed to be raised for the tank to sit beneath it.

Councillors voted to agree funding of up to £300 to hire the toilet steps.

The deputy town clerk will attempt to negotiate a discount from the provider of the toilet block.

The eight week hire, costing £1,138, had already been agreed. Daily cleaning from staff at Suffolk Coastal Norse was also agreed previously at a cost of £1,067.52.

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