Gallery: Are you sorry to see the end of the Ceefax service?

BBC Ceefax ended its 38-year service last night following the UK’s transition to a digital landscape. Reporter Matt Stott asked the people of Ipswich if they were sad to see it go.

Name: Bernedict Willis, 24

From: Brantham

Comment: “It was all right – nothing special. I used it sometimes as a kid to check the weather, which was probably the best thing it was for. I have good memories of it. What was the best thing about it? It worked.”

Name: Maria Lopez, 22

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From: Capel St Mary

Comment: “News today is a lot easier to share and you are able to comment and discuss the issues with others. You couldn’t do that on Ceefax. But it is easier for information to be manipulated today and maybe isn’t as reliable.”

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Name: Lewis Grey, 21

From: Claydon

Comment: “It was slow loading up. It looked archaic and was restricted in the amount of information it held. You can find out more now a lot quicker, but you did get the straight facts with Ceefax; hence ‘see facts’.”

Name: Chris Ambrose, 36

From: Woodbridge Road, Ipswich

Comment: “I used to get frustrated having to press the hold button, and if you forgot you had to wait ages – another 20 pages – to get the page back! But the internet rules everything now.”

Name: James Shenfield, 18

From: Felixstowe

Comment: “My dad used to love it – especially checking the football results. The Bamboozle quiz game was classic! But I’m not sad to see it go. It has been replaced and bettered.”

Name: Harry Lyne, 21

From: Willowcroft Road, Ipswich

Comment: “My mum used it sometimes to read a bit of news and weather but I never used it. I never needed it. I’ve always got my news from newspapers and the internet.”

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