Gallery: Campaigners mark Chernobyl anniversary

PROTESTERS staged a demonstration at Sizewell power station over the weekend to show their anger at plans to build two new nuclear reactors.

Russell Claydon

PROTESTERS staged a demonstration at Sizewell power station over the weekend to show their anger at plans to build two new nuclear reactors.

Campaigners against the proposed new development on the Suffolk coast lined the entrance to Sizewell A and B power plants to voice their opposition.

They also used the two-day camp-out to mark the 23rd anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

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A letter was handed to the director of Sizewell B addressing their concerns and a camp was set up on the beach, where the protestors slept overnight and held a vigil for Chernobyl victims yesterday morning.

Mell Harrison, 37, an active member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Eastern Region, who lives in Suffolk, said: “It was really great listening to lots of people who were very supportive to us. People who were wary of us stopped and had a chat and went away with a different view.

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“The flood risks of the Sizewell coast are clear, the maps given with the site nominations show just how high risk it is. It is very irresponsible to build here.

“Everyone knows the risks involved with nuclear power but we are being told it is a necessary evil to bridge the energy gap - this is not true.

“Models such as the work of Allan Jones with Woking Borough Council show just how decentralisation of energy supplies can work, not just at delivering energy but cutting CO2 emissions too.”

She praised the policing of their protest and added: “This is the beginning of a new sustained campaign against Sizewell C - this is just the beginning.”

Woking Borough has the largest domestic combined photovoltaic/combined heat and power in the UK and is home to the UK's first small-scale combined heat and power/heat fired chiller system. The council is now recognised as the most energy efficient local authority in the UK having achieved over 80% CO2 cuts, 51% reduction in energy consumption and 44% reduction in water consumption.

A spokesman for British Energy said: “We believe that everyone has the right to peaceful protest. However, nuclear power plays a vital role in the UK and will continue to do so in future, as a low carbon, secure source of electricity.

“Sizewell has been nominated by EDF Energy as a potential site for new nuclear build and all members of the public are able to contribute their views to the Government prior to a national planning consultation later in the year.”

Members of the public can comment on the list at or write to Office for Nuclear Development Public Comments Freepost SEA 12430 Thornton Heath, CR7 7XT.

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