Gallery: Fighter plane amazes onlookers at Harwich’s VE Day 70th anniversary celebration

A group of WW2 Military Vehicle Owners joined forces with the Harwich Society to celebrate the 70th

A group of WW2 Military Vehicle Owners joined forces with the Harwich Society to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the end of WW2. L-R Suzanne Stevens,Amelia Stevens,Clive Stevens,Ed Abbott. - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

An aerobatic display above Harwich harbour wowed crowds today as the town marked the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.

Seven decades after the Second World War ended re-enactors and enthusiasts gathered to remember the day and celebrate the occasion.

Among the attractions, organised by local historic vehicle owners and the Harwich Society, were appropriate vehicles from the conflict, the British Legion Brass Band and an air display by a P51 Mustang fighter plane.

The military vehicles were also involved in a convoy which travelled from Wix to Harwich via Dovercourt.

The event, held at Redoubt Fort, was very well attended according to one of the organisers, Ed Abbott.

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“It went very well because we were blessed with very good weather,” he said.

“It helped without a doubt. Yesterday was grim but today the forecast was good and the sun came out and the people came out from all over East Anglia.”

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Mr Abbott, who was displaying his own motorbike, Jeep and truck at the event, said it was great to get the Mustang to perform over the harbour.

He added it was one of only five examples of the class currently flying and was the only fighter able to escort bombers to Germany and back.

And he also said events like the VE Day celebration were important in educating young people about the war.

“I’d like to think they go home and ask what it is all about,” Mr Abbott said.

“Where we are today we have paid for in blood – now and again people need to remember that.”

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