Gallery: Golden opportunity for photo enthusiasts

Seeing golden double - Janice Poulson

Seeing golden double - Janice Poulson - Credit:

This week we are enjoying the final throes of a golden summer that will be remembered for blissfully warm days, bumper harvests and a Royal arrival.

To mark the end of this glorious summer, we asked our iwitness photographers to share their gold-inspired photos.

Taking up this golden opportunity, our photographers sent us images of prowling tigers in fine golden coats, golden rolls of straw awaiting collection and even the golden yokes of freshly laid eggs.

And as the weeks pass, there will be even more opportunities to capture a golden image. The lush green leaves will soon be turning to a crisp gold before finally giving up the ghost for winter, the blazing sun will slowly darken to a rich gold and plump pumpkins will start to appear.

Share your golden photos, or send us photos of breaking news events where you are, by using our iwitness service. Log on to today.

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