Gallery: Migrant jays set up home on the Suffolk coast this winter

Wildlife photos by Margaret Holland
A mouse in the undergrowth

Wildlife photos by Margaret Holland A mouse in the undergrowth - Credit: Archant

Jays have flown in from Scandinavia this winter to set up home in Suffolk - and eagle-eyed photographer Margaret Holland has been out to record their visit.

Mrs Holland and her husband Brian, from Ipswich, are wildlife enthusiasts who spend hours each week waiting for the perfect shot of migrant birds, playful seals and scurrying field mice.

Their latest collection of images, which can be viewed on Mrs Holland’s Flickr Page also includes a pregnant pig.

Mr Holland said of the jays: “Some have flown in from Scandinavia while others are resident birds in the UK.”

He continued: “We also watched theses wood mice exiting their nest.

“It took ages just standing hoping they would exit but eventually they did hence these few clicks. You can see all their senses were being uses , eyes everywhere, ears listening for threats and whiskers and nose twitching before they made their dash for thicker cover.

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“Plenty of patience needed especially on a cold day.”

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