Gallery: Mischievous 10 week old kittens are in need of a new home

AT just 10 weeks old they are mischievous balls of fur that like nothing better than playing games and having fun.

And as these pictures show this litter of 11 curious kittens are certainly anything but camera shy.

The young cats are now in need of good homes and anyone who thinks they might be able to help is invited to get in touch.

Georgina Jay, 51, who lives near Woodbridge, runs a part time cat neutering service and contacted the owner of the kittens after seeing them advertised locally.

With the owner’s permission she is now keen to ensure the young animals go to good homes.

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Ms Jay, who ran a full time neutering service in London for 25 years, said: “They are lovely, healthy cats. If there is anyone who can offer them homes then I would be interested in hearing from them.”

Ms Jay said because of the current financial situation less and less cats were being neutered because their owners could not afford it.

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She said others were allowing their cats to become pregnant in the hope of selling the kittens - and often they went to inappropriate homes.

“It’s incredibly important to get cats neutered,” she said. “If not then it can lead to a rise in feline AIDS - which can’t be caught by humans - and Leukaemia. Both of these are spread through fighting or mating and are incredibly serious.”

The RSPCA also says neutering can help reduce numbers of unwanted pets, prevent illnesses and some unwanted behaviours.

Anyone who thinks they can offer the cats a home or would like to get their cat neutered can contact Ms Jay on 07768760272.

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