Gallery: Newest additions to Suffolk Punch Trust in Hollesley are doing well

IF these stunning photographs are anything to go by then the newest additions to an iconic breed of horse are settling in well.

The three foals - Colony Yaffia, Colony Yasmin and Colony Yale - were all born this year at the Suffolk Punch Trust in Hollesley, near Woodbridge.

Numbers of the heavy horse have struggled in recent years and it is still listed as “critical” by the UK Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

Stud manager Tracey Pettitt said the trio were doing incredibly well.

“All three have been exceptional,” she said. “We are delighted with how they are coming along. What’s particularly pleasing is that we have had two fillies and a colt.

“It’s been a good year. They are all very friendly and are at the stud for people to visit. Colony Yaffia won champion foal at the recent Framlingham Horse Show, which was fantastic.”

Among those to drop by recently was six- year-old Cherish Bloomfield, who won a competition to name Colony Yasmin.

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Her grandfather, Barry, said: “She adores Suffolk Punches and was delighted when she found out that her name had been picked. She loves coming to the stud, it’s great. We have trouble dragging her away.”

The stud is open every day until the end of August.

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