Gallery: Repairs carried out at Framlingham Castle ahead of Easter opening

Repairs are being carried out on Framlingham castle ready for the Easter weekend.

Repairs are being carried out on Framlingham castle ready for the Easter weekend. - Credit: Archant

THEY have been forced to battle against freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall and deluges of rain.

But it is all in a days work for the specialist contractors tasked with carrying out vital repairs to a well known Suffolk landmark.

Experts have braved the elements to protect and repair Framlingham Castle - even going as far as abseiling down its historic walls.

Specialists from Essex based Universal Stone have also used cradles and scaffolding to access the 12th century stonework.

Over the last five months the conservation experts have repaired arrow slits and chimneys, removed vegetation and any loose stone, opened up areas to be rebuilt and re-pointed the walls.

The work in now nearing completion and members of the public will be able to get their first glimpse of the renovations over the Easter weekend.

Contract supervisor Simon Thulborn said they were delighted with the results, although the project had not been without its challenges.

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“Over the five months we have lost 33 days because of the weather, which is an awful lot,” he said. “It’s been very awkward. We’ve had to contend with freezing temperatures and snow, while at other times the rain has hammered down. You can’t really do anything when it’s like that.

“On the other hand we have had some really sunny days when we have been working in just T-shirts. That poses its own problems because in direct sunlight the lime can start to cook. As a result we have to ensure we keep moisture on the wall by constantly spraying it. The middle of summer is just as tricky as winter.

“But the hard work has been worth it. We’re delighted with the results. We have ensured the repairs are sympathetic to the original building.”

Framlingham Castle, which was once the refuge of Mary Tudor before she became Queen in 1553, is managed by English Heritage.

Site manager Amanda Wilkens said they were looking forward to welcoming their first visitors on Good Friday.

“Thanks to all this hard work the wall walk will be reopened, allowing people to enjoy spectacular views over the surrounding landscape,” she said. “We have a lot of events planned and can’t wait for people to visit.”

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