Given the Green light

Cherry Green of Aylsham writes, on queuing: “Our local post office had a two-queue system but everyone queued at one, even outside the door sometimes. I walked in and into the second window once and caused great consterna-tion even though there was a big notice saying ‘PLEASE USE BOTH QUEUES’.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is such a relief to find I am not the only one with that thoroughly un-British anarchic streak that impels me to take advantage of all possible entrances and exits despite the national trait that dictates we must queue at one if at all possible. Mrs Green also rails at the misuse of the word “like”. “I sat behind a girl on a bus with a penetrating voice who said: ‘He was like… I was like’ about 100 times.”

I agree with you completely, Mrs Green. Hearing people say “like” instead of “said” is one of the things that almost makes me want to sign up for emergency yoga classes.

I also loathe, hate and despise the lazy grammar that replaces the verb “have” with the preposition “of” as in “I could of been a contender”. Not with that use of grammar, I think.

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