Great Bricett: Green lanes, churches and an impressive hall

The Red Lion pub at Greenstreet Green

The Red Lion pub at Greenstreet Green

Cyril Francis follows a route with varied scenery and lots of local landmarks

Route of the green lanes, churches and an impressive hall walk

Route of the green lanes, churches and an impressive hall walk - Credit: Archant

This delightful springtime walk takes you largely round the neighbouring villages of Ringshall and Great Bricett. Features include green lanes, cross-field paths and a water channel at the bottom of sloping fields. Look out for the impressive building of Tollemache Hall; the Red Lion pub at Greenstreet Green, Nunnery Mount standing isolated among fields and the church of St Mary and St Lawrence at Great Bricett.

Leave the car park, swing right and left to join a minor road. Pass the primary school and quickly turn right beside a footpath signpost. Follow downhill path across cultivated field, turn left at bottom and head towards B1078 road in front. Cross over road and continue with a water channel on right.

Follow the path through a shallow valley and turn right when reaching surfaced lane. Climb up lane, pass Tollemache Hall and hereabouts long-lost village of Little Bricett. Continue along green bridleway to reach Red Lion pub and Greenstreet Green. Cross main road, continue along old road for a few more paces, afterwards maintaining direction down green Wallow Lane.

Pass a mobile homes site at Marshmoor Park and continue ahead on now surfaced lane. At the main road in front turn sharp right over a sleeper bridge and follow path through woodland. Afterwards, turn right as waymarked and carry on beside ditch to field boundary. Swing left and later right to find marker badge beside bridge.

Keep forward with fence on right to see broad path ahead receding into distance. Swing right and quickly left to join broad path and head up cultivated field.

Later, with path coming from right, fork left on to the adjoining path. Appearing on left and surrounded by trees is a feature marked on the map as Nunnery Mount. Continue ahead to bottom of sloping field to reach stile in hedge.

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Cross pasture diagonally to further stile and afterwards pass beside Great Bricett church. Turn right at road in front and go left at village sign further ahead. Keep following present path through shallow valley and eventually look for path previously walked. Head up cultivated field, pass school at top and return to car park.

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