Halesworth: Queen’s Jubilee slip put right

AN unfortunate inaccuracy has been redressed after authorities spotted the wrong inscription on a commemorative Jubilee bus stop.

The shelter was unveiled in Saxons Way, Halesworth, in time for The Queen’s anniversary celebrations earlier this month but it was soon realised that Her Majesty had been inadvertently demoted to Her Royal Highness.

Not wishing to dethrone the monarch, the town council swiftly set about rectifying the unintended error. Chairman, James Wagner said: “One of our councillors picked up the mistake and it has since been changed. We were on such a tight schedule because we wanted it up before the Jubilee.

“It was an oversight and we had to get it put right. It’s a bit annoying but mistakes happen.”

The shelter was commissioned by a town council committee a following concern from residents that the previous stop was not adequately protected from the elements.

The council put up a portion of its precept and received a financial donation to help pay for the shelter, which is transportable and will eventually be moved to a new transport hub at the town’s Angel Link.

Crucially, the lapse of convention cost nothing to rectify.