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Roadworks in Leiston High Street to replace the speed bumps.

Roadworks in Leiston High Street to replace the speed bumps.

Here we bring you four letters sent by our readers this week

Sir, – Fourteen years ago our beloved county council decided to squander our money on unneeded and largely unwanted speed humps in Leiston, at the time causing upheaval for weeks.

Last year we were promised that the High Street was due for resurfacing, the town council was informed that removal of the humps could not be done at this time, as it would delay the resurfacing. Consequently, although the issue was briefly discussed at council, no resolution was made, as it would have been pointless, so it seemed.

Now, the county council seems to have found that they can remove the speed humps for resurfacing the road, but are then replacing them with more speed humps.

We don’t need, and have never needed, speed humps in Leiston High Street, they slow down emergency vehicles, make cycling dangerous, and cause noise as lorries rumble over them. They are not only a waste of money, they will cause disruption in the High Street for weeks, and the whole thing flies in the face of democratic decision-making.

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Sir, – When I built my house in 1988 I installed a NEFF dishwasher which with only one service in 27 years by the local service engineer in all that time has been totally reliable.

But now, I have reluctantly decided to replace it, as for some reason the glasses etc are becoming “etched”.

The statistics for this machine are quite staggering; for instance in 27 years it has performed 10,000 washes, consumed 18,000 KW/HRS of electricity, 66,000 gallons of water and run for 12,000 hours.

I have been informed not to expect new machines to be as reliable, but I would like to know if there is anyone out there who can match the performance of my old machine.



Sir, – A G Hardwick asks if anyone can match the impressive performance of his dishwasher.

I installed my present model in 1978, since then he has washed dishes twice a day reliably and faithfully day after day with only minimal maintenance. I should mention that when I acquired this model he had already had at least one previous owner.

Recently I have noticed an intermittent low growling sound, but I believe this is quite normal for a model of this age. I am assured this model should continue to give reliable service for some years yet, and so have no intention of tradng him in for a more recent one. They knew how to build them in 1949.



Sir, ‑ A huge thank you to the wonderful person who found my purse either at Liverpool Street Station or on the 3.30pm train to Norwich on Monday, February 1.

Not only did they have the foresight to ring my osteopath, the only appointment card in my purse, to obtain a contact number, but kindly dropped my purse off to a branch of my bank, Barclays, in Princes Street, Ipswich. I had already cancelled the cards but the £105 cash was paid into my account and the purse returned to my home in Sussex within 24 hours.

Sadly I do not know who this extremely kind person is as the very helpful staff at Barclays dealt with the situation from then on. I only hope that whoever it was either reads this letter or hears the story aired on Suffolk radio.


Beddingham, Lewes, East Sussex.

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