Haverhill: Olympic duties fail to stop this super cop from training

A SUFFOLK policeman, drafted in as an Olympic guard has an extraordinary sporting secret – he can outrun, outswim and outride every competitor.

Super cop Simon Bourne is one of the fittest men in Britain and in October he will take on the world’s most gruelling challenge.

He is one of only a handful of extreme athletes tough enough to compete in Decaman that dwarfs the Olympics. In just eight days he has to swim 38 kilometres (24 miles), run 380 kilometres (262 miles) and cycle 1,800 kilometres (1,120 miles.)

By comparison, today’s Olympic triathlon competitors swim 1,500 metres, run 10 kilometres and ride 43 kilometres.

This week Simon, who is in London with police colleagues from the county, is fitting in his punishing training regime in preparation for Decaman, which is being held in Mexico.

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The officers are boosting security at Olympic venues and are billeted at a university in Hertfordshire but Simon still has to keep his fitness levels up.

His daily routine includes six-kilometre swims and 20-mile runs.

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But back on duty in Haverhill he runs 26 miles to and from work – the equivalent of two marathons a day.

The 47-year-old is using up part of his annual leave for the event. He has to fund his entry himself as there are no prizes for winning Decaman.

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