The latest public health data has been revealed that a neighbourhood near Woodbridge currently has the highest Covid infection rate throughout Suffolk and north Essex.

Public Health England figures for the week leading up to June 27 have broken the rates down into areas known as Middle-layer Super Output Areas, which each have a population of about 8,000.

The data has revealed that the neighbourhood of Westerfield, Grundisburgh and Bredfield has the highest infection rate in the region – with 406.1 cases per 100,000 people after 28 new infections were reported.

The neighbourhood of Halesworth and Wangford currently has the lowest coronavirus rare in the region – with 41.7 cases per 100,000 after 3 new infections were recorded.

Christchurch Park currently has the highest infection rate in Ipswich with 405.9 cases per 100,000, after 33 new infections were recorded.

Although rules regarding coronavirus were relaxed and free testing was ended at the start of April, health experts are warning Suffolk residents after a sharp rise in the number of infections.

Data revealed that the number of reported infections in Suffolk more than trebled in under a month after 174 cases were identified in the county on June 23.

The increase comes against a national backdrop of more than a million new cases estimated across the UK, which experts believe are likely being caused by two new Omicron variants, known as BA4 and BA5.

But these figures may be skewed by the lack of free public testing, which ended in April this year.