A make-up clinic is offering free cosmetic tattoos for cancer and other patients who have been through surgery.

Victoria Barnes, Owner of Ostara Wellbeing, has said she wants to start monthly coffee mornings to find people who would benefit from cosmetic tattooing.

East Anglian Daily Times: Ostara Wellbeing is bringing tattoo cosmetics to Ipswich and WoodbridgeOstara Wellbeing is bringing tattoo cosmetics to Ipswich and Woodbridge (Image: Ostara Wellbeing/Kezia Tan Photography)

Ms Barnes is qualified in paramedical tattooing services and can provide areola and nipple tattooing, scar and burn camouflage and scalp pigmentation for hair loss for both cosmetic and medical referral appointments.

It is a form of tattooing, which involves implanting semi-permanent pigment into the skin to camouflage scars and stretchmarks, or create new hairlines and areolas.

East Anglian Daily Times: Owner of Ostara Wellbeing Victoria BarnesOwner of Ostara Wellbeing Victoria Barnes (Image: Ostara Wellbeing/Kezia Tan Photography)

For anyone who is post-surgery or has a medical referral, there are monthly clinic coffee mornings where the patient and their loved ones can come and discuss treatments options.

Ms Barnes, who has clinics in Ipswich and Woodbridge, said: “We wanted to provide these services to give something back.

"These treatments are so rewarding and can be life-changing and we wanted to be able to run these monthly clinics and services and provide a safe place for people to come and talk about their needs.

"I wanted to personally do it as currently a lot of places that do not teach that.

"I have had cancer in my family and friends and when it comes to people going through that it would be great to make them feel better."

The owner of Ostara Wellbeing added that those with alopecia can also benefit from scalp pigmentation as well as those who have been through any other kinds of surgery.

She also offers to train practitioners on how to offer paramedical tattooing. The courses are fully accredited, and people can train in all areas or specialise in individual treatments.

East Anglian Daily Times: Tattoo's at Ostara Wellbeing.Tattoo's at Ostara Wellbeing. (Image: Ostara Wellbeing/Kezia Tan Photography)

Ms Barnes added: “As far as we know, we are one of the few training providers who teach paramedical tattooing in this area.

"I had to travel to the Southwest for my training, so I am excited to be able to train more practitioners in this area to be able to offer such amazing treatments”.

For more information, visit: ostarawellbeing.com.