A Suffolk pensioner is tired of people saying her decision to continue to wear a face mask is a "political statement".

Sue from Woodbridge said she has been "abused" by members of the public while "trying to protect herself" from coronavirus while out in Suffolk.

In one incident in Beccles, she was told by a man on the street "people like you are prolonging the pandemic".

With severe asthma, the retired woman and her husband shielded as they are in the extremely vulnerable group.

"I'm not asking people to wear them but they should respect my right to wear them," she said.

Suffolk Public Health has urged people to consider wearing face masks, despite there no longer being a government requirement, due to concern over case rates.

A spokesman said. "We would encourage people to think of others and wear a mask when engaging with the public in venues such as pubs, shops, or doctors’ surgeries, or when using something like public transport. Please remember that wearing a mask is chiefly not to protect yourself but to prevent potentially passing on Covid-19 to others, should you have it and not realise.”