The new health secretary is due to set out her latest plans in the House of Commons today.

This morning, Suffolk Coastal MP Thérèse Coffey told Times Radio that her department would "like GPs, where possible, to see very urgent cases on the same day".

She added: "I think it's fair that patients, when they ring up, not being told that they have to wait six weeks for appointments potentially, and that's when we're seeing other people turn to the parts of the NHS like A&E."

On LBC Radio, Ms Coffey was asked whether this meant patients could see a GP face-to-face, to which she replied: "I think that's open to the relationship between the GP and the patient."

Ms Coffey also said the number of GPs was "pretty stable" in an interview for BBC Radio 4, but said a longer-term plan to broaden the workforce was still in progress.

On ITV's Good Morning Britain, she was also asked about the 130,000 vacancies across the NHS.

Ms Coffey said funding would be unlocked so different types of staff could be recruited and funded, including social care workers to relieve the issue of bed-blocking.

Previously, the new deputy prime minister set out her priorities, saying she would focus on "ABCD - ambulances, backlogs, care, doctors and dentists".