'Pandemic plan' keeps quality care available during Covid-19

Older woman in care home smiling at someone off camera as she holds a colourful pom pom during an activity

Care UK's homes provide an extensive range of quality care services to make sure residents are happy, safe and comfortable - Credit: Care UK

Are you struggling to care for an older loved one but hesitant about choosing a care home?

Care UK's homes support residents to live fulfilling lives and continue doing the things they enjoy.

Care UK is one of the UK’s most successful care home operators, with over 35 years’ experience of delivering high quality care to older people. 

Right now, you may have concerns about moving an older loved one into a care home, but if you are struggling with their care because their needs have become too much, Care UK is here to help.

At Care UK’s care homes, compassionate and expert teams deliver quality care you can trust, in a safe, warm and welcoming environment.

From dementia care and short stay respite breaks to registered nursing care, Care UK offer many different types of support in our Suffolk and Essex homes. This gives families the reassurance that their loved ones can stay living at the home should their needs change.

Covid-safe environment
With safety a high priority for everyone right now, each home has enhanced their already-robust infection control measures to keep residents and colleagues safe, using fogging machines and thermal imaging cameras.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Care UK has always followed Government advice. Whilst it has always had clear processes in place to prevent and contain infection, its pandemic plan includes a number of measures to provide families looking for care with additional reassurance.

The home’s teams are doing all this while ensuring life stays as normal as possible for the people they care for – going the extra mile to make every day special for residents, with activities and experiences personalised to their unique needs and wishes.

Why choose a care home over care at home?
Care UK's skilled and experienced teams provide consistent, quality care 24 hours a day. Staff tailor every aspect of your loved one’s life to their unique needs, from their care, to their activities, and even the delicious food served.

There are regular care reviews, so your loved one receives seamless, high-quality care from people they trust in beautiful surroundings that feel like home.

Why choose a care home over care at home?
Compare care home life with the experience your loved one might have with care at home, and you start to see a big difference.

While developing relationships can sometimes be difficult with domiciliary care at home, we believe whether you are a resident, relative or visitor, you are part of the Care UK  family. 

Our experienced and dedicated care teams will spend time getting to know each individual so we can learn about them, enabling us to put together a care plan that is unique to their needs and requirements.

Care at home visits can be time-constrained, and often with a different carer, making it hard for trust to develop or for carers to support your loved one to enjoy companionship and fulfilling activities.

In our homes, we support residents to follow their hobbies and interests and will do everything we can to ensure residents’ lives remain as normal as possible.

At Care UK we help residents get the most out of food and dining with chef-led teams at each of our homes provide delicious home-cooked meals and tasty treats throughout the day.

As we’re not restricted by set time slots, residents living in a Care UK home can get up at a time that suits them, eat when they want, and have a late night when they wish. Also, with a café, a cinema, hobby rooms and hair salon, plus many new neighbours, there is plenty to keep residents busy, happy and fulfilled.

To find out more about Care UK’s local homes, visit the website