Mum-of-four tells of brain tumour ordeal - and thanks hero medics

Woodbridge mum of four Amy Wells has spoken about her cancer experience during Covid

Woodbridge mum of four Amy White has spoken about her cancer experience during Covid - Credit: Amy White

A Suffolk mother-of-four is taking on a 100-mile challenge after overcoming a serious brain tumour which was diagnosed during lockdown.  

Amy White, 33, from Woodbridge, was diagnosed with cancer in May 2020 after suffering a seizure at home.  

"I went to bed and woke up around 11pm or 12am when I went to the loo," he said.  

"My husband found me on the floor having a seizure. 

"When I woke up I saw the ambulance staff above me and I didn't know who my husband was. 

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"I'd had no other symptoms." 

Mrs White was taken straight to A+E where she was checked over, further tests concluded she had a serious brain tumour which needed to be treated at Addenbrooke’s.  

Amy White had a tumour removed from her head

Amy White had a tumour removed from her head - Credit: Amy White

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It's believed that the tumour had been there for some time.  

In August, she went into hospital to have her tumour removed by surgeon Thomas Santarius - the day of the operation should have been her wedding anniversary.  

"I was awake for the whole operation," she said.  

It was a difficult time as Mrs White was unable to see her family directly after the operation because of the virus.  

However, she believes that if she’d been diagnosed any later she would have struggled; as the delay to non-urgent operations meant she was seen.   

"They saw me quickly because of Covid,” she said.  

“The timing was in my favour.” 

After she was sent home she stayed with her aunt and uncle to stop her kids - aged 3, 5, 7 and 9 -from seeing her post operation.  

"The older kids know more," she said. 

“But the younger kids only know a bit.” 

Following her operation, Mrs White had radio and chemotherapy at the hospital and was also looked after the Macmillan team there. She is now clear of cancer.  

Amy White is now clear of cancer

Amy White is now clear of cancer - Credit: Amy White

To say thank you to the team who helped her – including support worker Julie Finbow – who organised a pamper day for her at the hospital – Mrs White is trying to walk 100 miles in a month.  

So far she has raised £489.  

"They were really good at Ipswich Hospital," she said.  

“It would be lovely to raise lots of money." 

Those wishing to donate money can do so via Facebook.  

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