Vulnerable teen who survived Covid feels 'much safer' after vaccine

19-year-old Casey Davies, who was hospitalised with Covid-19 last year, has received her first dose of the vaccine as it...

19-year-old Casey Davies, who was hospitalised with Covid-19 last year, has received her first dose of the vaccine as it is rolled out to the over-65s and the clinically vulnerable. - Credit: Casey Davies

A vulnerable teenager from Bury St Edmunds who was hospitalised with Covid-19 in the first lockdown said she feels "much safer" to go out after having her first dose of the vaccine. 

More than 15million people have now received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in the UK, with the jabs now being rolled out to the clinically vulnerable and the over-65s. 

The top 4 priority cohorts, who have now all been invited for their first vaccine, include care home residents and staff, frontline health and social care workers, anyone aged 70 or over and people who are clinically extremely vulnerable.

Casey Davies was in hospital for more than two weeks and continues to have a cough following her cor

Casey Davies, 19, spent three weeks at West Suffolk Hospital in April 2020 after being struck down with the disease. - Credit: CASEY DAVIES

Casey Davies, aged 19, is one of these 15million people who have received the vaccine, as she is classed as clinically vulnerable due to a host of underlying health conditions. 

She suffers from type one diabetes, epilepsy and asthma, and was struck down by the virus back in April last year, spending more than three weeks at West Suffolk Hospital. 

Casey, who also has learning disabilities, lives alone and has barely been out of the house apart from seeing her support bubble.

She received the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine at her doctor's surgery, The Angel Hill, on Saturday afternoon and hopes this is a route to "some kind of normality". 

"I was really excited about getting the vaccine, but I was a bit scared," said Casey, who still struggles with her breathlessness as a result of Covid.

"But I am so relived I have had it done and I will get my second one in 12 weeks."

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Casey continues to struggle with her asthma and the breathlessness caused by long Covid on a daily basis and has been receiving food parcels from the government as she has been too worried to go out. 

18-year-old Casey Davies was told she had a chest infection, before testing positive for Covid-19 on

Casey Davies, 19, has received her Covid-19 vaccine, as the jabs are rolled out to the clinically vulnerable and the over-65s. - Credit: CASEY DAVIES

She said now she feels "much safer" after having her first dose of the jab but doesn't see life getting back to normal any time soon. 

"Covid isn't going anywhere," she said.

"Face masks and social distancing will be around for a while.

"But when I can go out properly the first thing, I want to do is go swimming and go to Primark, as I miss it. And of course, see my friends and family."

Casey is one of a number of clinically vulnerable people who are now being invited to have their Covid-19 vaccines, along with those aged over 65.  

A clinical commissioning group (CCG) spokesman said more people like Casey will be able to have the vaccine at their local surgeries, as they now have a greater supply of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine in Suffolk. 

The Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine can be moved around easily between GP surgeries and does not require a 15-minute observation period. 

This means more surgeries will be able to directly deliver the vaccine to those in the more vulnerable groups, who may feel more comfortable visiting their own surgery and want to limit the amount of time they spend out as they are more at risk of catching the disease. 

The CCG spokesman reassured people they will be contacted directly if they are in the cohort and asked people not to call the surgeries themselves.