‘Never experienced anything like it’ - Mum with highly suspected coronavirus warns others over illness

Kelly Eade, from Lowestoft, is self-isolating after a 'highly suspected' case of coronavirus. Pictur

Kelly Eade, from Lowestoft, is self-isolating after a 'highly suspected' case of coronavirus. Picture: KELLY EADE - Credit: Archant

A Lowestoft mum in isolation for two weeks after contracting an illness highly suspected to be coronavirus has praised people in her community for being “amazing and supportive” during her sickness.

Kelly Eade, from Lowestoft, is self-isolating after a 'highly suspected' case of coronavirus. Pictur

Kelly Eade, from Lowestoft, is self-isolating after a 'highly suspected' case of coronavirus. Picture: KELLY EADE - Credit: Archant

Kelly Eade said she had “never experienced anything like it” after having difficulties breathing with a swollen throat and tongue, as well as a high temperature of 38.8C.

After dialling the NHS 111 helpline, call operators sent an ambulance to her Lowestoft home on the evening of Friday, March 13.

The mum-of-three said paramedics recorded her as having COVID-19 in her medical notes.

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Although she says she was not officially tested, paramedics ruled out other illnesses including flu, a cold and a throat infection.

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After stabilising her, paramedics advised her to take paracetamoland Piriton to help keep her temperature down, as well as staying hydrated and drinking regularly to flush her throat.

She said she had “never dealt with anything like this before”, but said that taking the paramedics’ advice - including an elevated sleeping position at night - has helped.

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Miss Eade now feels she is over the worst of the illness but is “asking for everybody to stay away” while she recovers.

Her eldest daughter is also being quarantined because she is showing mild symptoms.

Even though her two youngest children are showing no symptoms, she is keeping them at home instead of sending them to school - saying: “Knowing that they have possibly been exposed, I will not take this risk.”

Teachers have been sending workbooks to the children so they can continue their education at home.

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Miss Eade said despite such a difficult time, she was “incredibly grateful for everybody’s support and well wishes”.

She added: “Everybody has been amazing and very supportive.

“People’s kindness has made me emotional, with Piriton and care packages being left on my doorstep.”

And she said: “As soon as I’m up and out, I will be paying this forward to those in need. I think everyone has a duty of care to those around them.

“Very blessed to know so many wonderful people.”

She has also urged people in Lowestoft to join the new Coming Together Facebook group which has been set up as part of the national #viralkindness campaign to help people who might be self-isolating,

Latest figures released by the Department of Health and Social Care, show that 1,543 people have now tested positive for the virus, known as COVID-19.

However Miss Eade believes there “without a doubt many more cases undetected in our area” and urged people to “please all follow professional advice and stay away from the vulnerable”.

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She encouraged people to have medicine like paracetamol at hand but said: “Don’t over-stock as it’s been a nightmare trying to get basics and some of us really do need them.

“Just follow the advice of your doctor or medical professional, as I can only go on what I’ve been told to do and what’s helping me personally.

“It’s been very scary. It’s COVID-19 on my medical notes and I’ve never experienced anything like it.

“I’m hoping that I’m over the worst as I feel on the up, but equally scared unless the worst is yet to come.

“We just don’t know enough about it so just doing my best to keep my temperature down and breathing.”

The government has already warned that over-70s may need to be quarantined for up to four months if the number of cases escalates sharply.

Chris Whitty, chief medical officer for England, said: “The public should know every measure we are taking is seeking to save lives and protect the most vulnerable.”

So far 35 people are known to have died from the disease in the UK.

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