Hills, streams and villages

THERE is much to charm the walker on this route around Hasketon and Grundisburgh.

The walk starts at the road junction next to the war memorial. Go down the road towards the Turks Head pub (west). Pass the pub, then turn right at the bottom. In 200 yards continue straight ahead, into an unsurfaced lane which becomes a track. Pass along the side of a field, then at a road cross straight over, taking another signed footpath. The path changes sides of the hedge, then passes into woodland. Just before a left turn I spotted a little owl on a low branch.

Turn right at a path junction and soon reach a road at Whitehouse Farm. Turn left. In 200 yards your route veers left and follows the edge of a field where rhubarb is sometimes grown. Reach another road and turn left. Now you can see Burgh and its metal-capped windmill (no sails). Continue for 700 yards, then take a right turn down towards a wood and Hasketon Hall Farm.

Your path goes left along the nearer edge of the wood, then turns right (signposted) at the end. Follow a hedge, then at the third field you should keep straight, leaving the hedge and going towards a white notice at the bottom. Continue through a narrow gap in the hedge and follow the path through a farm gate. I then turned left through a metal gate and went across a bridge over the tiny River Lark which flows to the left on its way to Martlesham Creek. Emerge in a cul-de-sac and go right on the B1079. For the shorter walk omitting Grundisburgh, turn left now.

Continue with care, using the footpath, then go straight on towards Grundisburgh village. When the road veers left, turn right into a lane, crossing a footbridge beside a ford. Keep on into the pretty stream valley. Just after passing under grid lines the route turns left uphill to some trees (do not go over the footbridge ahead). This is the furthest point of the walk and a nice place for a break.

Resume straight ahead, bending left, then right, and reach a road. Turn left down the road past houses. You will be charmed by the way Grundisburgh’s centre appears, with the stream running through the green flanked by the church and pub on either side. Visit the church if you can, to see the remarkable hammerbeam roof, before continuing past another ford.

Now you must follow your previous route in reverse to the cul-de-sac, but this time do not go through the metal gate but find your route on the right on a path between hedges immediately before the last house. Keep the hedge on the left but change sides at a metal gate; keep the same direction and soon the stream runs on your left. Pass a brick arch, then cross a footbridge at a junction of streams.

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One more field and a road is reached. Now turn right for 20 yards, then left. In 25 yards go through a metal gate into a field. Bear left and exit through gates into a wooded lane. Go straight ahead again, on a road for 70 yards, then turn left on a path which, suprisingly soon, brings you to the Turks Head for a welcome drink or meal.

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