Two arrests as police probe ‘racist abuse’ of Kieron Dyer at golf club

Kieron Dyer resigned from Hintlesham Golf Club last week after he was allegedly subjected to racist

Kieron Dyer resigned from Hintlesham Golf Club last week after he was allegedly subjected to racist comments from another member. Picture: Steve Waller/ - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Two men have been arrested after former Ipswich and England star Kieron Dyer was allegedly racially abused at Hintlesham Golf Club.

Police announced the arrests today, after a receiving a complaint about the alleged incident on July 24.

Former midfielder Dyer said that someone at the club had made racist comments towards him, which he had not heard but his playing partner had.

This afternoon, Suffolk police said they had arrested two men.

A man in his 50s was arrested on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence and on suspicion of a malicious communications offence.

A man in his 30s was arrested on suspicion of a malicious communications offence.

The two men remain in police custody and will be interviewed.

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Dyer, who played more than 90 times for Town, said he was left feeling “shocked and appalled” following the alleged incident.

He said: “While I did not hear it myself, as I had left the golf club to go home, I was left shocked when told.

“My playing partner was in attendance and heard the comments.

“He was also left upset by the incident informing me of what was said.

“I immediately handed in my resignation via e-mail, and have since left Hintlesham Golf Club.

“I have spoken to the owners and told them of my decision.

“I have been a member at Hintlesham for a few years and have always found it a nice club with plenty of good people.

“But for me this is a deeply upsetting incident.”

In response, the Hintlesham Golf Club said they would ban anyone found to have used racist language.

They said: “Following reports of an alleged racist abuse against Kieron Dyer, a respected member of the club, we have commenced an investigation into the incident.

“Hintlesham Golf Club will not tolerate racial abuse or any similar abuse at the club. Any member found to be involved in such action will have their membership immediately terminated.

“If such action is committed by a guest at the club they will be banned from returning.

“We pride ourselves as being a friendly and welcoming club and such action is not compatible with our principles.”

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