Grandmother brings community together with her homemade cakes

Neighbours in Holbrooke bake cakes for one another to say thank you to Bernadette Byrne Picture: CH

Bernadette Byrne has been baking cakes during the Covid pandemic - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Residents in an street in Holbrook have thanked one of their neighbours for providing them with delicious treats throughout the coronavirus crisis.

Friends living in Clench Road have praised Bernadette Byrne, who has fed families and kept their spirits high by baking cakes during the lockdowns.

The neighbours held a socially-distant celebration in recognition of Ms Byrne, 63, on Saturday.

Bernadette Byrne, Victoria Fox, Alfie and EMily Patemam, Sam Lanier and Cathrine Borwn. Neighbours i

The Holbrook neighbours thanked Ms Byrne for her treats on Saturday - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Grandmother Ms Byrne, who worked in the ambulance service before retiring with osteoarthritis, said she was more than happy to provide for the community throughout the pandemic.

She also said baking has been helping her keep her mind active while she has been at home.

Ms Byrne said: "I was raised in a farming community and I love cooking and baking. 

"When I moved to Holbrook a few years ago, I started to bring cakes round to everyone. 

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"The truth is it's something that has kept me sane. I'm a positive person, but it's frustrating not being able to see my family. But it's nice to be able to mingle with everyone here.

"We've got a lot of people here from a lot of different backgrounds. It's been a lovely thing - I'm kind of overwhelmed."

Emily Pateman, who lives in Clench Road, paid tribute to Ms Byrne for keeping her young family in good spirits during the crisis.

Bernadette Byrne and Alfie. Neighbours in Holbrooke bake cakes for one another to say thank you to B

Ms Byrne and Alfie enjoy the cakes baked for the special occasion - Credit: Charlotte Bond

She said: "All throughout the lockdowns, Bernadette has been making cakes for everyone in the close. She loves cooking and dropping them off.

"I always make sure to ask her if she needs things from the shops.

"She makes the best banana bread too, as well as the cakes.

"I think coronavirus has really brought everyone together. Everyone has been looking after each other.

"I speak to my neighbours all the time - we like to have barbecues round each other's houses.

Neighbours in Holbrooke bake cakes for one another to say thank you to Bernadette Byrne Picture: CH

The treats were shared among the Clench Road neighbours - Credit: Charlotte Bond

"I do feel sorry for some of my friends, as they don't have the neighbours that I do!"

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